Nokia 230

Nokia 230

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  • Anonymous

Javedali, 25 Apr 2020I don't know security codethe default pin is 12345,i also expirenced that when i first bought the phone

  • Ali

How can i play 2mb game in

  • Hi

When is missed call it showing on phone screen. But when is missed message it's not. How to do if possible than missed in new message will show to on screen of phone?

  • Anonymous

Would be SO MUCH better if it ran KaiOS
We need Nokia to re-release it

  • Anonymous

yo, 09 Nov 2020should be re-released as a kaios deviceWant this device with 5mp standard front camera and kai os

Poor speaker. Bad phone.

  • yo

should be re-released as a kaios device

  • Ali

WOW for voice recording during call

  • Anonymous

Uzair Ali, 14 Sep 2020This mobile is everythingYes bro but there is no call recordng app

  • Uzair Ali

This mobile is everything

  • Gms

Nokia 230 has no option to add a received call number in screened list you have to write this number first then add it separately
What a joke even nokia old devices has this option
Rip nokia

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2019Does Facebook app works in this phone?We can't download anything on this mobile.

  • Esther

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2016Are Class 10 cards suitable for nokia 230 or should we buy ... moreI cant down load music with memory card.Do something about it

  • AJ

Wasted my 8k it is a useless phone. If anyone is thinking that he can run fb and whatsapp on this device please change your idea. This phone is only for calling.

Stupid Phone, you can't change the Selfie shortcut !!!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2019Not playing game and show not enough memoryPlease show now

  • Rashel

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2020Not dawonlodDownload system on please

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2020Agree with you. WhatsApp and Facebook on thi tiny screen wi... moreNo. But Smaller phones than this even support facebook. And do u knw Whatsapp is still on keypad phones

  • Anonymous

Arun, 17 Jul 2018Last Week I grabbed one. I recommend this to people those w... moreAgree with you. WhatsApp and Facebook on thi tiny screen will not be pleasant. Go for a smartphone if you need WhatsApp and Facebook

  • Javedali

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2020I definitely can't know security codeI don't know security code