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Nokia 2300

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The first mobile phone of my life, the great NOKIA 2300 which I brought in 2005. Now its been 13 years since my whole family is using it. I think it was one of the initial phones having a FM radio as a feature & I was attracted towards it. Its been a really very nostalgic journey with this sturdy candybar phone. I have always taken great care of it & still today it's in mint condition. Today we are bombarded with super displays, notches & waterdrops, high rams, great cameras, fingerprint & face detection sensors, etc but these sturdy & durable yet simple Nokias were also legends in its league because they focused on our basic necessities like making calls, texting & durable handsets which a granddad can literally gift it to his grandson. And talking about its strong durable built quality, NASA once launched it against an oncoming giant asteroid about to hit earth & the Nokia shattered the asteroid into pebbles. Ha! Well humor aside these are the pros & cons of this handset:

> A great simple feature phone made by NOKIA when actually they were NOKIA, the kings of mobiles.
> Great built quality to last for a lifetime.
> Good thickness of 20mm to give a good grip in your hand. (I really miss those brickphones).
> FM radio. Yes it was a great thing then :-)

> There is only one con that as time passed, we realize that such phones were so simple & meaningful just like the days when they were made unlike the chaotic world in which we now live :-(

This phone has became very desirable now in 2018

  • Anonymous

Hp legend

  • AnonD-716026

On for size.

  • Dhananjay Kumar

Very smart

  • limouna

it's super

  • Anonymous

raju, 20 Jun 2016i want nokia 2300 phone new box piece Nokia2300mobel isvery goodmobil

  • 3310

my first gift to my secreat love

  • Rakibul Hasan Sheikh

I was in love with the ringtones of this phone..i still remember the hummingbird ringtone it was so good.i really miss those days

  • raja

I want this phone

  • Animal lover

They should have made it colored back then.. it would be nice! :)

  • weera

My first mobile phone..
and no errors yet, still purchesing.
drop test done by me :-D

  • GulzarAli

raju, 20 Jun 2016i want nokia 2300 phone new box piece my feverit mobile

  • Anonymous

And here we have, the rarest Nokia phone to date. It is really hard finding it on ebay and once it does, there is always someone that buys it before you!

  • deepak

Bast mobile

  • puneet sharma

I want nokia 2300 back


I want a nokia 2300 . Plz give me

  • raju

i want nokia 2300 phone new box piece

  • arvind

I want to a buy new nokia 2300 mobile with full guaranty

  • Somu

Excellent phone and my first phone too.....i cannot ever forget it