Nokia 230 Dual SIM

Nokia 230 Dual SIM

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  • real

no empty battery warning, shut down with no warning

  • Abba

FANI BHUSAN, 31 Jul 2016is nokia 230 dualsim support nokia pc suite I have nokia 230 and if iwant open some apps my phone will show me invilin and if i want downlord the phone will show me desamething and i forget my possword to rest the phone i have use 12345 but the phone show me wrong password

  • Anonymous

Salman, 12 Sep 2017Hello, Can anyone told me how I can get my sms saved to me... moreIt has got no good capacity for music

  • Vlado nk

This phone is extra!

  • Vivek

Nokia, 12 Oct 2019WhatsappNo whatsapp

  • Noman

Pardeep , 14 Nov 2019Wattsapp is working in this model Please send me link

  • Pardeep

Nokia, 12 Oct 2019WhatsappWattsapp is working in this model

  • Nokia

Talha , 22 Jul 2016How to download whatsapp in nokia 230Whatsapp

  • Anonymous

Suggest me new S40 series mobile like Nokia c2-01 want

  • thyagusj

how many contacts can be stored in this phone

  • Aaron

Forrest, 15 Mar 2019Awful phone, can't even change the function of the right se... moreYou cannot change the right key only for selfie just like an iPhone 4S.

Awful phone, can't even change the function of the right selection key,
and can't change the theme.

  • Anonymous

try get a nokia 208 301 or 515 they have S40 op system with 3g,these phone's are all good feature phones.

This phone is quite big actually

  • omariba

kindly i need the manual for Nokia 222 dual sim

  • jaffar

Raju, 03 Nov 2018Pls let me know left right button selectionhow to change right key selection in nokia 230

  • Jaffar

How to change nokia 230 right key selection.

  • Pm

please,, this phone will update with 4 g network,, and update it's ram with 512 mb ram,,and update with android moroco version ,, plz,,

Hahawhatever, 22 Nov 2018I have a question ..... Is this a feature phone or ?? Its w... moreThis is definitely a feature phone.
However, it stands out as having a front-facing camera *with* flash.

I have a question ..... Is this a feature phone or ?? Its weird to have a feature phone like phone with smartphone capabilities