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Nokia 2310

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  • Tore

I still use my 2310 phone every day. It works perfectly. I guess it will do so in the year 2310 also.

What an adorable little piece of engineering. My dad bought it for me in 2007 brand new, how unfortunate of me, I sold it in 2009.

  • Narendra Meena


  • Plymouth Tex

Dodo, 04 Oct 2017I've bought it in November 2006 and still using . Many time... moreI've had my little red 2310 since 2006; it's been dropped countless times (including in the bath !); last Xmas I had the radio continuously on all day at work for about 5 days before it needed re-charging - like you said, why should I get a modern flimsy £500 phone while my trusty little Nokia has served me so well.

  • Ifitaintbroke

Dodo, 04 Oct 2017I've bought it in November 2006 and still using . Many time... moreNot a freak at all. Still using mine after 12 years. Compact, easy to pocket, brilliant battery, does what you need - make/receive calls, texts and useful radio function plus no-one wants to steal it! What else is there to say?

  • Bjorn

Simon, 21 Aug 2017I still remember my memories with this phone. In my times a... moreSimon Haha I know I had that phone for a long time. Always liked that razor on the top!

  • Dodo

I've bought it in November 2006 and still using . Many times I dropped it but it seems unbreakable. My friends can't believe I don't want a new one. Am I a freak ?

  • Anonymous

Plymouth Tex, 02 Mar 2017I have had a 2310 for years but have recently lost the head... morelook on Amazon.

  • Simon

I still remember my memories with this phone. In my times at school we pretended that the upper speaker was a razor blade and someone else was playing a razor sound at one of their phones which made it look realistic.

I personally used this phone from 2007 till 2009, and I still don't remember why I left it, or even where it is... One thing I still know is that I regret that I don't have it anymore. Such a great phone, battery lasted very long, messages were easy to send thanks to the middle curve in the pad (like for many O's after one)... Man, I miss those memories.

  • AnonD-672648

i have been using it till now just by changing its battery once as it got bulged due to water me so pride that we have used the first gen mobiles of india..smartphones have ruined its business but its look is still unmatchable ...a typical phone we used to draw in drawing classes!!!

  • Plymouth Tex

I have had a 2310 for years but have recently lost the headset to listen to the radio. Can't find one anywhere, the ones I've bought, either the jacks are too big or the headset doesn't contain an aerial. Does anyone know where I can get an original headset with a self-contained aerial?

  • Anonymous

What an early S30 device!

  • KensoJ

I like my Nokia 2310 - but recently I've had a problem with the ringing tone. I've done something to make it go silent and I can't rectify it. So it's a bit tricky when calls come in! I suppose it may just be broken but maybe I have just done something silly. Any bright ideas out there?

  • nemark

I use this phone since December 2008. I do not talk or SMS to much, When new, under my usage, I had to recharge it only once in two weeks, and after all these years battery still lasts about 8 days. From time to time I take in consideration a new (smart) phone, but I do not want to reject this fact.

  • AnonD-444697

I've been using this phone since 2007. I use it as a phone, alarm clock and timer. I like the fact that I only have to charge it about every 10 days or so. I've never had a problem with it. I bought a cheap smartphone (T - Mobile Pulse Mini) about 4 years ago but I hardly ever use it now because even though I've replaced the battery once, it still only lasts about 1 or 2 days even when I don't use the phone!

  • gurmeet

i am use 9 year nice set

  • JedWIGN

Just spoke to a lady who has this phone - true story!

  • Rishi Choudhary

My nokia2310 is the chumendece mobile. I Have a more than 8 Year's to use it "THANK'S TO NOKIA".

  • Abhay Jha

My Nokia 2310 white is very good. I use 8 years.

  • arshad khan

My nokia 2310 is very best and iam using 7 years