Nokia 2330 classic

Nokia 2330 classic

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  • Fayaaz Cassim

This is a exceptional phone. It’s portable it’s light it has a camera and still a good phone today.

  • Striker

First bone, 08 Jun 2013I miss certificate on my phone 2330 how? where? when? Can I... moreI lost my nokia 2322c how can i re-install them

  • Anonymous

muronga, 10 May 2013I forgot my security codeHow did i want to know my password on my nokia-2330

  • micky

how to block a phone no

Does anyone have a solution for the White display problem? Any help is appreciated.

  • AnonD-716026

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2008hi this is a waiste ecologicaly cuz now you have to buy a c... morePhones in 1998 didn't have a camera or a color display or a 1020mAh battery or radio or bluetooth or email or java. (you posted in 2008 so 10 years before is 1998)

  • Gee

idrees ali, 30 Mar 2017my phone nokia 2330c2 ic was gon then i put new power ic te... moreU put a New Info Chip into a Nokia Classic an now it dont work?!?!?!? Why would anyone pay to put a New I.C Into a Nokia 2330 Classic?!? Surely thats Not Cost Effective?!?!?!? Specially with how cheap 1 can be bought in 2017

This predates the Nokia C1-01 and has the exact same specifications as the Nokia C1-01. OK, the preinstalled themes, games and ringtones (including the alert tones) are different, but that's basically it.

  • AnonD-406256

Was torture testing this phone still turns on even after dipping in water, throwed multiple times, burning part of the screen (had second one which burned completely) and one shot by air rifle (lost the number 5 key). Durable phone.

  • idrees ali

my phone nokia 2330c2 ic was gon then i put new power ic ten my phone camera doesnt opening
and blue thoot also doesnt opening why

  • AnonD-635537

hello the new nokia 3310.. #eh

  • Dan

Ive tried to download songs to my nokia 2330 c but it's still saying file format unknown why?

  • hi

keshab, 16 Oct 2016It shows contact service what does it meansThat it is not working anymore.

  • keshab

It shows contact service what does it means

  • Turk

What is the big E that as appeared at the side of the battery charge symbol?

  • Mike

abno, 14 Jan 2013buy a new phone with a memory card slot!ahahahahaIncrease memory status

  • Anonymous

Can some body advice to unlock it.

  • Lovers

I have been trying to log in

  • Sheby

This phone is go0d but i have a problem in this phone there is no certificate is avilable plz s0lve my problem...

  • AnonD-498866

This is an amazing phone. Robust, durable construction - not one that's going to break the first time you drop it or sit on it; or so big it scrunches up and won't fit in your pocket.
What I like about Nokia is the browser is lightning fast. Anything on the web it just grabs effortlessly and in seconds presenting it formatted by Google.
The other thing about the candy bar style phone is that the battery doesn't go flat every five minutes and you can realistically expect to charge it just a couple of times a week - rather than couple of times a day as with a touchscreen
Masses -and I mean LOADS of jar apps available for its 128x160 size screen.