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Nokia 2630

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  • Paul M Nair

It brought from Kuwait in 2008 and it was so nice when I bought a new one I gave it to my son.Very slim and handy..

  • Anonymous

I have one, "inherited" it from my mom when she decided to get a smartphone a couple of years back. I don't remember when she bought it (maybe in 2012? or maybe even earlier), but it still works very well (she actually bought it as a replacement for another one that was stolen and she didn't want dad to find out :D).
The functionality is satisfying, you can manually change the shortcuts (which is something that not many phones actually allow(ed)); it has games, radio, calculator, stopwatch, audio-recorder, notes, timer, to-do list, a couple of pre-installed games, a basic camera (which is perfectly useful for simple stuff), sms and enough internal memory to store them (as of writing this, I have 228 in my inbox, so don't trust the guy who says he could barely save five - either he's lying, or his phone has some other stuff that takes up the extra space - that being said, I also installed several games onto my phone); you can copy contacts from phone to sim and back, the phonebook is very basic, name and number - need you anything more though? The sound quality is fairly good for conversations. It has an internet browser, albeit a slow one, and today it's almost useless since it can't recognize most sites' security settings or whatnot, but what can you do? Still, if you know the sites that do work, and need to check some definition or fact really quick, it'll be enough - doesn't even waste you money too much, unlike modern phones.
I don't remember how many times I've dropped it, and how many times my mom may have dropped it before, but it still works almost perfectly! My only qualms with it are:
1) the battery doesn't hold as long as it used to - it is almost ten years old, so that's not surprising, more so if take into consideration that these phones were being produced since 2007, which potentially makes mine about 13 years old;
2) connecting it to the computer is a problem because I don't have the right cable and Nokia phones used to come with special software that wasn't very responsive to begin with;
3) sometimes I can't hear people who call me from smartphones, but not always, I think it may have something to do with signal or technical difference between regular phones and smarts, though it's generally a rare occurrence;
4) recently it started losing track of my sim card (a result of one too many drops, I'm guessing).
Overall, I'd say it's a great phone, compact, has all the basic features that would largely satisfy most minimalists. I only wish I could find something similar with today's feature phones, or someone who'd be willing to fix this one (because most people just look at me as though I'm crazy when I ask them about it >.>)

  • Blin

Abbas , 13 May 2017I really missed that phone, I wished could 've that phone a... moreWell i have one. I just need to change the battery and that's it :)

  • gigawatt

This was my second mobile between 2008 and 2015, with no accumulator change at all!!!
It was a very small phone, you could put it into the shirt's pocket, or into the smallest pocket above the right side's pocket of your jeans. :o)
I really liked it, but finally it was really slow, and the smartphones were so attractive.

  • Scobie

Memory is low when I received about 5 text messages and some texts messages are incomplete I have to delete some messages to received one text message

Mine still works perfect,i bought it the autumn of 2007!

Hard to imagine the specifications are superior to the Nokia 7100 Supernova. Really is...

  • Garkuwa

please how can i connect my nokia 2630 with my pc i used nokia pc suit but it is difficult to connect, no USB cable, the Bluetooth is not pairing.

  • Yus

May be in the beginning after I bought 2630th it made me angry, but after I use to this & it does still works. With own original battery, 8 & half years! Good stuff.

  • Anonymous

The only phone i hate, typing is extremely slow compared to any other nokias

  • Abbas

rana , 31 Oct 2015i want to buy nokia 2630 please tell me i am in dubaiam in Nigeria, I also want that phone

  • Abbas

I really missed that phone, I wished could 've that phone again. No matter how much it cost

  • Ken

I miss this kind of phone, I hope so nokia will make another handset like this one again. Nokia 2630 is one of the great phone :)

  • Dave

I have had this phone since it came out. Probably one of the thinnest, lightest feature phones,with diemsions that allow you to slip it into your jeans no problem (unlike modern smartphones). Really good battery life (if the battery is good it will last a week with moderate use). Been dropped countless times and still works (unlike modern smartphones). I set email up manually on it, but Pico Mail say that it is compatible with their software which is pre-set.

  • Anonymous

Is it just me or is this phone overhyped?

i didn't know it had such a small internal memory when i brought one in 2008! it could barely fit one mp3

  • Lele

malik asif, 16 Sep 2016this model available tell me plz i have purchase this model No, this phone is no longer available, but you can find and purchase this phone online. Like ebay or amazon

  • malik asif

this model available tell me plz i have purchase this model

  • ange

cam you use the headphones when answering calls or ringing

  • the loyal one

have this for five, and its a very great phone, actually recently i just bought it a new housing cover and a new earphone. Love it.