Nokia 2720 Flip

Nokia 2720 Flip

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  • Y4lnux

Amazing phone probably some other people just have had bad experiences.. the best thing about this phone is that is hackable...second battery last a lot more than 2 days on heavy use.. lot of podcasting and blutooth.. I don't use it to watch videos but also I write messages using google assistant and then send these messages on whats app or other message tools...

  • Shashank

The phone has horrible battery back up and the phone slows down and freezes quite often for no apparent reason. It is just painful to use even as a secondary device. Wouldn't recommend this phone. Kai OS is just completely absurd.

Ahmed , 14 Feb 2021You canThat's not what he meant

  • Ahmed

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2021Nokia 2720 flip is so beatifull..I wish to buy this mobile ... moreYou can

  • Anonymous

Nokia 2720 flip is so beatifull..I wish to buy this mobile soon InshaAllah

  • Ane

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2021does this phone support call recording No

  • Anonymous

does this phone support call recording

  • mlan

Great buy if your needs extends to just calling and texting. And maybe the occasional light web use as checking your email and reading news. Anything heavier, choose a different phone.

  • Hi

Like it
Best music player

  • Anonymous

Rayhan, 25 Nov 2020Can I receive phone call without open the fold?DUH

  • Macro

homewrecker, 28 Nov 2020is the keyboard illuminated? Yes.

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2020Ur local corner store has them 50% off, just say bazza sent... moreAt present from Amazon (Aust) $A 89.40

If it is as good as the Nokia 6085 was I would certainly buy it - not everyone wants all the other nonsense - some people just want a basic phone/text/camera.
Shame they canned the 2G network - at least it worked everywhere for us without the flim-flam or the 3G/4G dead zones.

  • Anonymous

Francis , 26 Sep 2020Where can I buy it? Ur local corner store has them 50% off, just say bazza sent u from samsung

  • homewrecker

is the keyboard illuminated?

  • Rayhan

Can I receive phone call without open the fold?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2020Does this do wifi calling?Can We Use Wechat Application On Nokia 2720flip

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

28nm chipset LMAO wil lthat last a day on 1500mAh? Doubt it!

  • Dirk

Nice phone. I bought one from Officeworks. I use it as my talk-box and my Google Pixel3 as my data and media machine.

  • Asimgo

Lapalisse, 28 Oct 2020get another phone, dudeWhy pro?