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Nokia 2.3

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  • AY

Please i'm planning to get a new phone, would you advise anyone about getting this one. Anyone please

  • Anonymous

Bee, 12 Oct 2020Bought this phone when you put the sim in it doesn't p... morewith the simcard inserted reboot phone

  • King

My phone is not connecting with alaptop hotspot becouse as hi try do to, it ask for network security key which i don't know who put it and if their is one which is secured by the manufacturer then send it to me please.

  • Anonymous

2.3 Nokia Does this phones comes with secured security because when you want to connect it with a laptop hotspot it ask for network security key.

  • Bee

Bought this phone when you put the sim in it doesn't pick it up it says no sim card or emergency call only,does it use a specific network ?? Or am I supposed to reset it ?

  • Smith

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2020Hi! How is the Android 10 update on the Nokia 2.3The Android 10 update is so buggy. My phone has been unresponsive to touches for many months now with no fix.
The first Android 10 update restrains background app notifications.
So, if you upgrade to the first version of 10 you'd still have more software updates waiting, but the final update fixed the notification issue but it didn't fix the unresponsive touch issue (very annoying).

Another thing is that HMD released the latest version update first to people around India and few other countries. The version size was about 1gb+ while other countries later received the same update but with a smaller size of about 100+mb.

So, I think people from India got a better update fix than the others.

What I'm saying in essence is that, upgrading to Android 10 might cause a malfunction to your phone, but make some researches before embarking on an update

  • Abc

My 2.3 has never vibrated for a month since buying it. What's the issue?

  • Anonymous

Smith, 07 Jul 2020I'm in Nigeria. Not gotten it here too but you can use... moreHi! How is the Android 10 update on the Nokia 2.3

  • Anonymous

Smith, 22 Sep 2020Nokia indeed has so many sub-standard phones out there in ... moreCan anyone show me how to hardrwset nokia2.3

  • Smith

Nokia indeed has so many sub-standard phones out there in the market. So bad for their reputation. The Nokia 2 I bought not quite long I grew away in a waste bin. So annoying.

  • Anonymous

Ghost, 09 Sep 2020Samsung people are here tryna low rate Nokia 😂 the 2.3 is g... moreyea ur right

  • Bai Hui

Actually, it is a good phone. For its price the hardware isn't slow, the device isn't buggy, the battery life is pretty amazing and it even takes decent photos. It is a device meant for that: some calls, notes, photos with no expectations and some internet. And thanks to the Android One it is doing those tasks good enough.

  • Asn1123

Tammy, 09 Sep 2020I bought the Nokia 2.3 to use for texting. I don't rea... moreWho needs to figure out how to use a phone everyone knows how to use one, if this is your first time using a phone then thats something different, but who says that a phone should have instruction on jow to use it

  • tj

this nokia 2.3 is not a good phone to use....i bought it 2 months ago and its hanging and freezing...i always press lock button to lock and unlock to start using again ...done that several fed up of this rubbish....angry....

  • Tammy

I bought the Nokia 2.3 to use for texting. I don't really use it for anything else because I don't want to figure out how to use it. LOL!!! It did not come with any instructions like we all already know how to use it. I did figure out (thanks to youtube video) how to make adjustments to photos but red color still looks orange, teal looks like blue etc. Either the camera on mine is crap or something is wrong with it.

  • Ghost

Samsung people are here tryna low rate Nokia 😂 the 2.3 is great, worth the price! Buy your phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2020Currently looking into getting a new phone and thought this... moreI've had this phone for a couple of months and at first it was truly terrible, freezing and locking up. it's upgraded to 10 and had a patch now [i think] and it's running much better. I haven't wanted to throw it at anything in weeks!
Ultimately, it's mid range and low spec, you get what you pay for. That said, I like the size, the weight, the battery, the screen. it's even started notifying me when I have messages - just like a real phone. If cheap and cheerful is all you can afford then this isn't as awful as it was in July.

  • Mutz

The good first thing about Nokia 2.3 is the guarantee of software update for 2 years which comes from the fact that it is purely android one smartphone, second and last good thing is the battery life of this phone...It is great and can't leave you with complaints.
Bad things about the phone is camera..the camera is not good at all, face recognition security feature is the slowest ever seen most of times it fails, also the processor is too cheap thus the phone lags most of times.

  • Anonymous

Currently looking into getting a new phone and thought this one looked great till i read about the android 10 thing, has this been sorted or is it still causing problems?
Anyone have any other opinions on how the phone generally runs, after 2 of them as both mine and my partners are fudged and seems easier to buy new ones that keep getting second hand that break eventually.
Any feedback would be great just trying to grasp an idea of whether or not its worth the money.

  • Ayuba

ithink7, 26 Aug 2020Disable face recognition.Is the nokia 2.3 is a good phone sha