Nokia 2 now on sale in Russia

Himanshu, 09 November 2017

The Nokia 2 is now available to purchase, with Russia becoming the first market to get the entry-level smartphone. There you can buy the device from the official Nokia Russia online store.

The Nokia 2 was on pre-order in the country for around a week. It costs RUB 7,990, which currently translates to $135 or €117.

The device was made official in India earlier this month. Officially, HMD said the phone will be available sometime mid-November, carrying a €99 price tag, but due to taxes and import fees smartphones tend to be more expensive in Russia than the EU.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Sorry but how the F can someone or most of you be so deem stupid ? Ok so basically I will start up a new company and but on it a brand name that is known for long time for everyone. Then I have already the best quality of the market cause I have the...

  • Anonymous

None of the Nokia phones have been out over a year worldwide !!!! How the F you say they are reliable and durable ? They are not like old Nokia phones before MS bought the rights to use Nokia patents. Now Nokia is totally new company and a start up...

  • mudman

For you sir you are hopeless because your jealous nokia is the legendary phone ever made even up to now now one can beat when it's com the quality. as fist person say if you don't like nokia that's fine go a head buy some smartphone you want. but you...

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