Nokia 3100

Nokia 3100

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  • Anonymous

U need to input your MMS settings provided by your service provider

  • mondher hamdi

hello everybody...
i'm mondher hamdi from tunisia. i bought a gsm Nokia 3100.i just want to know how to send muti-media message.when i try to send it appears check your settings of message multi-media.
please send information about sending multi-media message on my e-mail adress :
i'm waiting for your reply, because i really trust in Nokia technology.

  • samuel

Cheap & Good-I have one, heavily utilised and still working very well. LCD very bright, better than 6610/ 6100/ etc... except no radio & clock to reset when changing battery (No internal back up).

  • nutch

stylish, cool phone, good screen resolution, solid build quality, glow-in-the-dark cover more like a gimmick than functional, polyphonic ringtones are a bit dissapointing (even an Alcatel sounded way better), other than that this phone is value for money.

  • moto_man

good phone! :)

  • semy_jo

better one n cheaps

  • asdafafa

super :)

  • Anonymous

This phone in a black skin or even the blue skin looks much much better

  • Syed

it shuld look more fancy, not like the old one.

  • nokia_3100 user

how to delete the mms pic that has been saved in the image file?? Please tell me ...thanks...

  • steel

just would like to ask whether this phone has data cables?

  • cheers!!!

Colors are the same as the 6100 and 6610 i.e 4096. Infact the display seems more vibrant than the both of em. Overall a very good phone.

  • stevie

great phone! the color display quality is as good as par example 6100, display kicks ass!!! features are good, disgn is oke, great phone

  • Joe

I think it SHOULD be easier to buy a Nokia 3100! It is a very cool phone!
But it's harder to just, get one! & they're never in the stores! And on, it doesn't even tell you how much they cost, & the REAL questions that you want to know the has to do with all the things that the words tell you about the phone & about what comes with it!
AND, on that site, noone can ever figure out HOW to order one! I WANTED ONE! I NEEDED IT TOO! I thought it was cool! One of my best friends has one that looks like it, but I'm not sure if it is exactly the same one though! But I got this cheap one cicuit city instead, because i could not figure out how to get ahole of one!

  • danny

No!!!!! 6100 covers cannot fit on the 3100.

  • guru

Can the Nokia 6100 cover fit on the nokia 3100 fone?????? i am about to purchsae one on 29 dec for Rs 8300/- in india
tell me if there is any prob in this fone.

  • desein

nokia price 8,000/-


hi its a nice mob good looking, smart size but its display colors r less than nokia 6100 i think about 3900 but i love this mob have nokia 3100 too.

  • vlado

this is the best GSM !!

  • Neil

especially with regards to this phone