Nokia 3100

Nokia 3100

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  • Anonymous

To the person below me.

All Nokia phone's are build quality talking like bullshit.

I have always a Nokia and you talking about,that Nokia build quality.Don't let me smile.

All the Nokiaphone's what i have,are shitty and ugly boring menustructuur.And so expensiv for a Nokia phone.

I has always trouble with Nokia phone's if it means about software and build quality.

You have no idea what you talking about it,so SHUT UP.

  • Anonymous

To the girlie below me:ALL NOKIA PHONES HAVE EXCELLENT QUALITY.You do not need to buy one to understand.And do not compare the best phones (NOKIA) with the crapest(SE,Siemens,etc.)

  • Anonymous

To the guy below me.

Better quality than the T300 you saying.

WAKE UP Nokia fan....The 3100 is not yet on the market and you talking about quality.

Go to sleep Nokia Moron.

  • Anonymous

It does not look like the shit t300.And the quality of this phone is much higher.

  • Bogdan

Lol..In pink this is even more gay than any samsung phone.
Has anybody seen that it has the same design as SE t300??? When t300 was released, nokia fans said is a piece of brick (which I however agree). Now they say that this phone is cool!..Hmm... talking about the quality of nokia buyers!

  • Anti Nokia are richt about that.It piss me of to,from little boy like him.

SE for ever,and Nokia........go to hell.

And to THE DON........forget Nokia.

  • Neo

Hey don, u twat in fact am not foreign i live in the uk aswell, errm u learn english,does i know?? wot that mean, who gives a fuck if u own a mobile shop, so wot it merans u know wot u r talkin about? they dont feel the same seen as the 5110 has 2 deep groves doen the battery, the battery also as a button on it, the 5110 is a lot longer, hevier and deeper, so ermmmm shut yer mouth, the only fing the same is that they both have a screen. wots that ur burned? wot?


Oi NEO, obviously you didnt read my last post properly i said the T610 feels the same to me as the 5110 does i know that the features are different but the feel and shape of it feels the same as the 5110 exept the 5110 has an aerial, and for the record learn some english and dont tell me im a junior i own a mobile phone shop here in the uk called eclipse telecom so dont call me junior u sad foriegn sonyericsson fan keep to what you know best which is wanking anyways hi all the nokia fans on this page!!!

  • Neo

OY don how in the name of Zeus's arsehol can the t610 be the same as 5110 wo the fuck that came out when i was 11 and i had one now i hjave a t610 and they are not the saem, ther t610 is o fast at oppening messsages, oh and fir the record they are differant makes and fones and features how the fuck are they the same, it pisses me off whne little wankers come on the internet and they dont what they r talking about learn some stuff then come back, junior


To zoran and unknown, lets straighten a few things out! a phone is like a peice of your clothes and it is entirely up to the owner what style phone he/she wants, i mean sony ericsson have soposidly more business like features than nokia, not true! have you ever seen wallet on a sonyericsson NO! sony ericsson reckon they have the best desighns of all phones, like the T610 i dont think so i have the T610 and its like my old 5110 it feels the same acts the same its SLOW! ok just to prove zoran right, i have had a old T20 sold it a week after i got it went back to nokia, a T68i sold it 2 months after i got it went back to nokia, had a P800 too big so sold it again, now i have the same old shit known as the T610 ive allready got a buyer for it just waiting for him to get his money then im off to put a deposit down for the 6600 anyway zoran is right on every account
thanks greets

  • Anonymous

this phone looks really cool and i'm definitely gonna buy this phone cuz it suits teenagers

  • Anonymous

Nokia is shit......your don't no what your talking about it Zoran.

If your try a SE phone than your will believe that Nokia fucking shit is.

Everbody buy a wy don't your try it before people's advise yo"buy a Nokia"try it for your self not bicous people's saying"buy a Nokia its better than everbody" i can say Nokia are shitty pfone's that is fact.

  • Anonymous

I will accept this phone for free and then i will sell it or trade it with another phone...
Yes this phone has a weird camera..

  • unknown

can this phone have a camera?

  • Zoran

Some of you people need to stop talking S**T about NOKIA cause I know that none of you would refuse this phone if it was given to you for free.

  • Dayo

When is this madness gonna stop,nokia claims its connecting people but this goes beyond that its now a fashion statement blazing the trail,nokia with the 6600 & 3100 is far ahead of the pack,guess you can now call it NOKIA and the rest of the others!

  • carlo

i laughed the first time i saw this.

  • Ruki

C U T E !

  • LeChuck

I think design is very important now...

  • Anonymous

looks like 2100, but certainly it will attract many people to buy it. It's smaller, has more features, looks nicer, have better resolution than 3510i/3530. Nokia gonna control the market with this and 6/7 series colour phones!!!