Nokia 3108

Nokia 3108

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I have never seen a phone so weird before. Hmmm.......


Anonymous, 28 Apr 2010My mum has been using this for about 6 years and it's still work... morethis phone looks amazing!!!!
brilliant, new, innovative technology.

  • Anonymous

My mum has been using this for about 6 years and it's still working! It's a great phone. Simple and nice to use.

  • Amity

Francis Bautista, 02 Aug 2009I have actually bought this phone just now and I have modified i... moredoes it really works??? come on..

  • Francis Bautista

I have actually bought this phone just now and I have modified it using a 12MP camera from a digicam and put in a loud speakers on it. I also installed a 32GB mmc on it and its superb cam xenon flash is perfect.. I love this phone.. Great! \\m//

  • Rob Mc

Oh my God you people are so gullible!!! look for Rod Hull on youtube and it might make more sense. When I read his post I laughed out loud, and then cried in shame as I read your comments afterwards and you believed him.

  • ben

I agree. Years ago, i've seen this phone during the time touch sensitive phones are not that popular. However, the touch screen is not that needed on this phone. It is just a plus factor!

  • dony

Do I need a weapon licence when I buy this phone :D

  • J

You people do not know what you are talking about. This phone WAS at the peek of the technology when it first came out. I have seen this phone only once when i had a customer bought it in. I think its one of the best old nokia mobile phones. It was released in 1998 in china.

  • jtefa

this is the ugliest phone i`ve ever lookes like a baby`s toy... pice of crap

  • Anonymous

this phone is a piece of crap.. it has handwriting recognition and it doesnt even have a camera or a cardslot.. stupid phone

  • madness

you see people have gone off there heads. to many mobile phones around it makes there heads go crazy i think you might find out most of them are crazy GADGET madness thay see phones in the shops and see mega pixles and millions coulors and bluetooth allll kinds of different specs and it sinks in the brains and all strange stuff comes out like 100000 mega pixles trillion colours there alll nutters

  • lucas

okay rod hull...we all konw that your lieing, but if your going to lie at least make an attempt to do a good job. and if you really could install a 13 mp camera and a tomtom gps on a phone, why on earth would you want it on this phone, its a cheap piece of crap with a tiny screen and that only has 4096 colors, the picture quality is probabaly horrible!!! and dont even try saying that you put a new screen on the phone or something like that. if you could afford a 13 mp camera which is a few thousand dollars and a tomtom gps why would you buy this piece of crap phone, why wouldnt you just buy an n series phone????? just admit that you LIED!

  • wyetuck88

to Rod Hull
stop your bull...having a 13 megapixel camera on the side?????????what sh** is this? 6 gig hard drive? your nokia3108 must have gone through an extreme makeover...the phone must be measuring 250x340x500 2000cc?????how are u gonna connect all the electronics boards...what about the software?u create them yourself?with a 6 gig hard drive ur phone is gonna lacked with ever button u press...also the 3108 has no bluetooth of infared...wat are u gonna store?messege?...13megpixel camera?sounds like crap to me!!!pls Rod Hull stop your bullsh** and THINK before u open that mouth of yours!!!

  • rgi

however putting the 4 gb and the 13mp cam on this is highly unlikely

  • Ken

This one is for Mr Magoo.

You're wrong, there are cameras out there that have far surpassed 13megapixels. I dont know where you're getting your facts from but you're completely wrong. Fuji makes a 15.1MP digital SLR, Kodak has a 16MP camera as well and to top it all off, Hasselblad makes a 24MP camera.

Just for the record, the Nokia has a 4GB HDD as well.

Where are you getting your information from...?

  • Mr Magoo

First of all, I would like to point out that I have a 13 Megapixel SLR digital Camera. The nokia N91 has a 4GB hard drive, the samsung i300 has a 3GB drive and furthermore, I have TOM TOM GPS on my Nokia N70. So come on, get your facts straight! Rod Hull can give you these upgrades!

  • E - UNIT!

i shall believe that when i see it - for a start thr is not such a thing as a 13 MP camera - it has not yet been developed - Tom Tom Nav is rare in phones, and NO phone can capacitate 4 a 6GB hard drive yet - dont believe this guy - hes talkin pure bull

  • kris kros

I recently bought this phone and have installed a 13 mega pixel camera onto the side and it also has full tom tom gps installed now. I am the master at mobile upgrades if you dont believe me then bad luck because I now have the best phone on earth. It also has a 6 gig hard drive inside now. I will upgrade your mobile for 25 just let me know what you want.

Rod Hull

  • true nokia fan

Guys, now that's a horror phone.
Frankly, I've never considered Nokia able to produce such a horrible creature. Normally perhaps to Maxon, Sendo, Haier and so on, but Nokia?!
Jesus Christ ...