Nokia 3109 classic

Nokia 3109 classic

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  • Monkeynut
  • nFr
  • 13 Jul 2022

The power button on top of this phone is subject to failure, i have had three that would not turn on because the button did not make contact with the battery circuit, i put it down to poor design.

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    • Sunny
    • 32U
    • 01 Jul 2020

    David, 29 Apr 2020I've just got myself one of these. All parts seen to be th... morePower button on the top of the device. If its not powering up then either flat or faulty battery. I've just taken mine out of storage and had to leave on charge for approx. 1 minute before it powered up.

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      • David
      • nEX
      • 29 Apr 2020

      I've just got myself one of these. All parts seen to be there, and I'm trying to power it up -- but which is the power button? I can't see any sign of it powering up.

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        • Cori
        • JL{
        • 29 Jan 2020

        I am still using this phone in 2020. I have always liked its customisability, small size, durability, design and battery life span (I still have the original Nokia OEM battery inserted!). It is practical to have an option to back it up via Nokia suite. I recently updated it with the most recent firmare (7.21) and I like how the phone cleverly uses its backlight to notify me by flashing as it reminds me of modern smartphones with notification LEDs. It is very hard to find a replacement as this device is as complete as it can be (please note that I don't wanna ever replace it though :D).

        Happy are those who own this little miracle from the past!

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          • d3109
          • 0KF
          • 11 Nov 2019

          ufo, 04 Jan 2018The best cellphone ever! For me, this is sufficient for all... moreCompletely agree, for me too after this phone no better phone on this world appeared. Simple, compact, ultra solid but at the same time very complete (bluetooth, infrared, push to talk...) with a good quality of voice calls.

          This version of Symbian S40 is for me the best, hyper customizable with shortcuts everywhere, a copy / paste function, ultra intelligent management of 2000 contacts, each of them can receive 5 numbers + address + e-mail + birthday + note + associated ringtone...

          The message part is very complete, sends SMS + MMS + flash message + audio message with dictaphone + business card. In addition, their sending is well thought and requires little manipulation. The keyboard is particularly practical thanks to its large keys. The only negative points could be the battery life of only 4h in talk time and the lack of FM radio + 3.5 standard port jack (it's a 2.5).

          I have regularly tested the new features phones coming out, especially those from Nokia but I always come back to my 3109 in 2007. It's been 12 years that I have it and I take the same because for now, I can't find his replacement. I must say that I'm one of the few people who are allergic to the smartphone, it doesn't help. The new Nokia are under S30+, it's a return back for me, little customizable, contact management not practical with 1 number per contact, sending SMS not intuitive with more steps, the charger cable that connect at the top of the phone, not practical when charging while phoning... but it's especially the decline in quality of voice calls since the recovery by Microsoft then HMD Global. I also tested devices under KaiOS but not convinced for now. I would like them to release features phones under Sailfish OS. Otherwise there is the Mudita Pure in 2020 but $ 300, to follow...

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            • AnonD-819322
            • 3aW
            • 07 Mar 2019

            Macbeth, 21 Dec 2018A 3110 with no camera. Well, okay.Non-Camera versions were popular for developing markets in 2007.

              A 3110 with no camera. Well, okay.

                Great Phone

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                  • ufo
                  • g8{
                  • 04 Jan 2018

                  The best cellphone ever! For me, this is sufficient for all my communication requirements.
                  Additionally the accumulator lasts for 2 (TWO) weeks in idle mode!
                  I could easily resign all other existing cell- or smartphones (where is the trash for them?).
                  After this phone, no better phone on this world came up (maybe some pure linux phones?).
                  People who own this phone have more time for the "real" social network(s).
                  All in all, I am very content and happy with this cell phone :-)

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                    • Tate
                    • HE5
                    • 15 Feb 2017

                    Anonymous, 03 Nov 2016I didn't know this phone exists!Existe.
                    Y funciona fenomenalmente

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 3aY
                      • 03 Nov 2016

                      I didn't know this phone exists!

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                        • khalil ahmad
                        • Hxf
                        • 14 Oct 2016

                        i m using this phone but there is a problem now its lights are going off when i hit it with any thing then are become on

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                          • seravina
                          • tht
                          • 11 Sep 2014

                          Thx Disney

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                            • SOME
                            • P$5
                            • 02 Apr 2014

                            I am use this mobile last 5 years and its going fine and very good one.

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                              • AnonD-184479
                              • fuI
                              • 10 Sep 2013

                              am having problem with upgrading my nokia3109c

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                                • AnonD-184479
                                • fuI
                                • 10 Sep 2013

                                how do i upgrade my noika3109c

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                                  • AnonD-184479
                                  • fuI
                                  • 10 Sep 2013

                                  why is my net not working

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                                    • Binary 10
                                    • dQ2
                                    • 02 Dec 2012

                                    Very fine telephone. The buttons are large - ease of use.
                                    The Nokia 3109c has no camera which is very useful & appealing, As some plant, power stations & high security places do not allow entry to those with a camera on their cell phone.
                                    Very fine speaker on it, screen - same, & it has 2,000 name/ number entry on it - excluding the sim card memory itself for directory numbers. Very fine telephone for calling & very very for texting. The fact it has no camera increases its appeal in my opinion. I got it as a spare. The battery lasts for ages, up to 2½ weeks. I bought mine new. It is above the level of a no-frills telephone, quality, a bit of class.

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                                      • amazing
                                      • m@u
                                      • 22 Jun 2012

                                      This mobile looks nice and sizeable. Having it will be of good use

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                                        • AnonD-38430
                                        • t}X
                                        • 26 May 2012

                                        Chimudi, 08 Mar 2011My does nt play mp4 videos pls why?Resolution of .mp4 video shoud not exceed 176 x 144, otherwise it wont play