Nokia 3110 classic

Nokia 3110 classic

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  • Anonymous
  • Lfw
  • 08 May 2024

Plamen, 26 Mar 2024The best phone I have ever had. Correct your info - phone ... moreIt has 2.5mm jack

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    • Plamen
    • 3it
    • 26 Mar 2024

    The best phone I have ever had.
    Correct your info - phone has 3.5mm jack

      I remember owning this phone until somewhere in the mid-2010s. All things considered, it's a solid feature phone that examplifies Nokia's Series 40 platform fairly well.

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        • Nokia guy
        • 3Z5
        • 15 Nov 2023

        The best phone ever !!
        I use it as a main phone for more then 12 years, beside iphone's from 2011 witch I use for web, mail, whatsup ...
        I have found now a brand new 3110c and I'm planing to use it for a long time.

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          • Anonymous
          • sxs
          • 18 May 2023

          This was my phone in 2007! I'm missing those days where I'd play games on it. Mine broke because of memory full issue.

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            • afshan adeel
            • K63
            • 13 Feb 2023

            very nice phone ....old is gold i love it

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              • Diego
              • 3{L
              • 02 Jun 2022

              Purchased right in 2017.
              Now it's June 2, have used it since the first day. Still working flawlessly : )
              Fanastic job, Nokia

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                • Raj
                • 7tU
                • 28 Mar 2022

                My Mom bought it, I still have it, replaced its battery a week back, it's mike has an issue, will get it repaired for sure.
                It's a great phone ever since.

                It reminds me those days...

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                  • Udhesh
                  • rJ7
                  • 22 Feb 2022

                  This is my lovely first phone i have...🥰

                    Just amazing, I still have that phone and it works up to this day.

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                      • aanzz
                      • 3JI
                      • 25 Oct 2021

                      this was my favourite nokia phone...

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                        • Prathmesh
                        • sUw
                        • 04 Oct 2021

                        this is my 1st mobile phone, and I like it

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                          • Anonymous
                          • pVm
                          • 02 Oct 2021

                          Anonymous, 24 Jan 2019From the user manual: 12345Thank you 😀 Super grateful 🙏

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                            • Pradip Nandy
                            • vIa
                            • 09 Jul 2021

                            This was the only phone where Bluetooth as well as infra rant are their. Good phone. This was my 1st camera phone.

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                              • Rohit
                              • D0b
                              • 26 Jun 2021


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                                • Shubham
                                • XNr
                                • 01 Apr 2021

                                This was my 1st phone. It was more exciting to have a color phone with Good camera than having any Smartphone of current generation. Camera quality was great.

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                                  • Sabi from india
                                  • Dkw
                                  • 18 Dec 2020


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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • XS%
                                    • 10 Dec 2020

                                    came, 13 Nov 2020do you know if that Nokia 3110 only uses 2G net or is capab... moreNo it is not a 3G phone, it only supports 2G.

                                      Got this phone from my mom in 2009 during my early year of high school to replace my old Nokia 6070. Didn't really care about the spec back then, but coming from 6070, this phone was heaven! I remember everytime I had to deal with 3.2MB internal non-expendable storage that 6070 had and a super terrible VGA camera, duh. With 3110c, basically it has everything I need from a dumb phone. Memory expansion (I bought the 1GB card, welcome mp3! Also videos!), Bluetooth, and a useable camera.
                                      It's so funny to read the comments the old comments on this page tho.

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                                        • came
                                        • 84J
                                        • 13 Nov 2020

                                        String Ha, 29 Oct 2020I purchased 3110 classic at 2008 Oct! The best phone I had ... moredo you know if that Nokia 3110 only uses 2G net or is capable 3G as well?
                                        I am using actually a Nokia model 1100 which only uses 2G - and end of the year, 2G will be switched off in my area.
                                        I got a Nokia 3110 and I would like to know if that one will be a valuable replacement.