Nokia 3128

Nokia 3128

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  • utp
  • 03 Apr 2014

i want to buy this phone anybody tell from whr

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    • Anonymous
    • 3Av
    • 30 Aug 2013

    cool but whay an outterereial antena

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      • Anonymous
      • uSM
      • 12 Jul 2009

      The battery of my 3128 got damaged and I'm having a hard time looking for a replacement. I've been searching for almost a year in all of the cellphone stores but have found none up to this time. Could you please inform me if you know a place where I can buy a new battery pack???

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        • santana
        • R5f
        • 26 Mar 2008

        i have used this cell for 2years its a perfect cell cells are always's not difficult to use this cell even if the manual is in chinese.u can c the pic in the manual and use ur common sense and learn about this phone.i wish they make the same phone wit fm and camera.gr8phone:)

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          • John Hardy
          • nmF
          • 06 Feb 2008

          Oh please give us an ENGLISH manual!!!!!
          John Hardy

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            • chelzy
            • TfX
            • 25 Oct 2007

            hi im planning to buy this phone but don't know if it's really nice.For those people who already have this phone please let me know if this unit is good.thanks

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              • Kristo
              • PIu
              • 19 Sep 2006

              I imported one of these from the US and haven't been disappointed really. The size and weight are the biggest pluses, the lack of an English User Manual and the mediocre reception (for Nokia) are the minuses. It is certainly robust and well made (typical Nokia) and would suit the person wanting a small, lightweight phone with no-nonsense features. The Chinese - English dictionary? Just the thing if you get lost in the heart of Chinatown one day!! I would rate it a 7 out of 10.

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                • Anonymous
                • kaJ
                • 20 Jul 2006

                no enlish manual that sucks

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                  • Anonymous
                  • kaJ
                  • 20 Jul 2006

                  r u serious that it dosen't have an english manual

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                    • rao
                    • PTn
                    • 03 Jul 2006

                    It is a good phone i used it and I liked it

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                      • Anonymous
                      • mVV
                      • 31 Jan 2006

                      Never seen this one.

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                        • valerie
                        • iXy
                        • 24 Jan 2006

                        I enjoyed my Nokia very much but I would like to be able to send easily SMS in French. For this I need to load the French disctionnary on my mobile. Can you someone explain me how to do it ? Thanks

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                          • Anonymous
                          • F4p
                          • 17 Dec 2005

                          It looks just like a samsung fone

                            • M
                            • Michael
                            • meH
                            • 26 Nov 2005

                            Hi, has anybody found out how to use the dictionary in the other direction, from chinese to english?
                            Thanks, Michael

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                              • Mayank
                              • iwq
                              • 12 Sep 2005

                              Iwant this phone in India. Pefect for every usinessman but the only thing missing is Infra-red and Bluetooth. The phone is incomplete without it. So nokia launch new phone with same look and add bluetooth and Infra-red to it. Pls do not add camera to it.

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                                • allyann
                                • PBY
                                • 10 Sep 2005

                                please, i beg, can someone please tell me how small this phone is. i cant quite understand the dimension on what is shown. PLS TELL ME HOW SMALL THIS IS THANKYOU.

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                                  • Andy_O
                                  • TLf
                                  • 10 Jul 2005

                                  I bought one yesterday (in Shanghai) for 1400 yuan (around USD 150?), and was initially quite pleased. That was until I actually tried to use it. First of all, there's no English manual in the box, and there's none to be found online. It didn't bother me since the "31" lead me to believe that the OS would be the same as for the 3100, my old phone. Well, it's not. This is a phone geared for the Chinese market - and Chinese language users. This means that whereas the display should be able to display more characters on-screen than the 3100, it doesn't. The T9 dictionary is more similar to that used by (sony) Ericsson than on the Nokias I've used before. The keys don't feel as nice as Nokia keys are supposed to (but nowhere as bad as the 3108 or 7110). I'm also slightly worried about the quality of the hinge since it feels cheap. On the plus side, it IS a small phone, has an OK colour screen, good polyphonic sound and actually looks quite nice. I'd probably go for the 3100 instead, which is considerably cheaper (830-860 yuan), and is another contender in the Cheap and Basic phone category - phones which are meant to be used as phones and not as PDAs.

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                                    • samuel liu
                                    • PDx
                                    • 26 Jun 2005

                                    Dear user:

                                    Where can I get an English manual.



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                                      • ohm
                                      • mbb
                                      • 24 Jun 2005

                                      Is that true that Nokia 3128 hasn't been in fact designed by Nokia and no standard Nokia accessories fit it?

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                                        • hernu
                                        • PAS
                                        • 21 Jun 2005

                                        when this phone come in Indonesia? it's so cool and i want to buy it.