Nokia 3210

Nokia 3210

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  • venj

my first cellphone ...when i was gr.3 its the most popular cellphone when you go back in 1999 to 2000 but now...phones can be computers...what a world..

  • flamingsnot

yeah, my first phone aswell, what a phone it was, i loved playing snake on it and composing my own ringtones!!! the daddy of the modern handset. all hail

  • orange

my very first phone,its really nice,reliable too.nice keypad.

  • mac

i love it man.its 1megapixel camera is just simply out of the world.the mp3 quality is definitely better den zen micro or any other mp3 players.

  • surge

one of the greastest nokia handphones...

  • nazihahnoor

It's ma first phone and I hate it!!! It's ma sister's hand-me-down. It's really huge. Yea, it does wut it supposed to (4 calling ppl anywhere, anytime), but if u look at the other phones that ppl use now, I feel so left-behind using this one.

  • L

5 years of service with me and its still running strong!Its heavy,durable,and easy to press keypad!Ithas drop more than 10 times and the only problem is the batery life and its screen.The screen is missing one line inthe middle.
Tell you all a joke, this phone is useful when somebody trys to rob u.Take ur phone firmly and knock on the robbers head.Test whether the phone or the skull is harder!!!Another thing, while having seafood, take ur phone and make it as a hammer to crack up ur crabs!

  • deep^dee

i used it once, long time before and its great too actually

  • Tony Pepperoni

I love this phone so much, the quality of it is of the highest standard.
I love its 1 mega pixel screen, no need to take my digital camera on holidays with me anymore. I bought a 128MB memory card to go in so i can store more photos and videos of my crazy girlfried in it.
The bluetooth is awesome, no need to worry about getting caught by the cops for talking on the phone whilst driving, when in have my Nokia bluetooth headset on i'm completely handsfree.
The battery life rocks, i get at least half a day out of it and thats without making any phone calls, this is far better than my last phone the Sony Ericsson S700i which lasted over a week standby.
The phone is small enough to fit in the pocket of my jeans which is great, who wants to be lugging a brick aaround these days.
Overall a top quality phone at a bargain price. I got mine for $899 at a shop in the city.

  • Shomesh


I have got this phone it is good although the battery does not last long as before it does the job i.e it can be used to contact people (that is what a phone is used for, not to take pictures or any other fancy gadgets) It is a nice simple phone that does what it suppose to do.

  • boris

nokia 3210 is the best

  • amicecorp

very good .

  • Laars van Furchnist

This is officially the best phone in the world. Better than all video and camera mp3 phones. It is the smallest phone money can buy and has battery life of over 4 weeks. It also does not have colour screen which is excellent. It has no poly ringtones and mp3 player which makes it even better. 3310 Rocks ja!

  • Rasta

The thing that i like most in 3210 is the Bluetooth... I wish it had a camera also..

  • old man with nothing

signal is SHIT!

  • old man with nothing

this is like a rover 75, it's an old person's phone.
even if u r standing next to the operator-signal-pylon-thingy the signal is

  • driving god

this one dates back to the stone age,if you dug up a cave man, there would be one of these in their pocket.
technology is crap

  • Jason

Hi, can any one tell me the security code for the 3210, Got a second hand one but forgot the code they gave me,!! Cheers

  • Anonymous

It was my first phone. It served its purpose for almost 5 years since 1999. Quite durable. Drop it a lot of times & its still working. However in 2003, the screen starts fading and the sms alert keeps going to the loud type even when i change it maybe due to the drops. Changed the battery & casing. I'm keeping it for sentimental values. Maybe i'll use it again sometime. For now I'm using my Treo 270 and N2100.

  • Kanakis

Nokia 3210 very strong and easy to operate but I forgot the security code! does anyone have an idea???