Nokia 3210

Nokia 3210

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  • Anonymous

hated that one

  • eren james

do you have cheats or secrets for nokia 3210 if do please send them to me

  • Sooti

I had this phone for 2.5 years! it's exclelnt, no problems (beside the screen disapeering at times), old but excelnt!

  • ww

Easy to use

  • M31

I've had this phone for 4 years now and it has to be the most durable and simplist phone I've ever used. Out of the ten times I have dropped it the only thing I can say is that it still works! Although now the phones are more advanced with their colors and access to the internet; this phone is one of those rare products that will stand the test of times.

  • satiro sanches

i need all code for un lock phone.thanck

  • moosa

a good quality phone in it's day after 4 years use the battery gives problems other than that a good phone for basic use.
please note new phones are better than this.

  • boggy

louzy phone

  • Catalin

A very good mobil phone but with a not good batery.

  • george

it is veri gout

  • des

Real nice phone, but it's a bit big.
It has nice games and looks good!
I need to have some more functies, because it's a little bit borring..but for me it's a 7 worth.

Now I'm going to buy the alcatel ot511 or the nokia 3410...but i'm conficed, that nokia is making good phones! :) ^^

  • ZIpp

actually, I don`t like this 3210, but my friend have it from his girl friend, and he is happy for it, i feel jelous with him...hiks

  • Tan

I like this style, but the battery shoud be longer. Moreover, I don't find any new one in Vietnam. I'm having a 3310, but I don't like it.

  • Geadas

Cool phone but NOKIA3310 is coolest. I live in Lietuva, in Pasvalys. I want speak English, but I'm untutored. As is Lietuvos ir man gerai eikit visi anglai na.... kas skaito si teksta tas gaidys.

  • Audrius

I think that telephone is good but it is old

  • lacerna brnalbo

you know it's nice I like it very much!

  • erdogan

is better to change 3210 to samsung r210?ı m looking forward to hearing from u...

  • quach thanh hien

I want to have chema about mobile telephone.

  • shakif

its a very nice piece
good shape good colour and good function
overall its a very good and handy peice
but could have made smaller than it is

  • enid

i would like to buy one of this telephones.e-mail me pls.