Nokia 3210 (1999)

Nokia 3210 (1999)

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  • sigma boy
  • 6vv
  • 12 May 2024

This phone is so sigma, skibidi! I really gatekeep rolex gyatt it so much! It has level 100000 gyatt!

    great times ;-)

      • Shal
      • KLR
      • 19 Mar 2024

      Aaaaaaa, 01 Nov 2023GSMArena's first review?Nope, The Phone had no Review.
      The first one being 6320 from 2004.

        First recorded phone on here?

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          • gamecuber6
          • ALY
          • 26 Nov 2023

          this is gsmarena's first phone spec list

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            • Aaaaaaa
            • 7XH
            • 01 Nov 2023

            GSMArena's first review?

              I have this phone in blue, but of course the battery is completely dead. Fun fact: this phone has the lowest phone ID on GSMArena, at 6 (5 and below don't exist).

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                • shineshine
                • r3H
                • 07 Sep 2023

                sengork, 18 Aug 2023Still functioning to this day.I need this old Nokia phone, can I see it,

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                  • sengork
                  • D$0
                  • 18 Aug 2023

                  Still functioning to this day.

                    My first ever phone way back in 2007. I miss the old days, this phone is super durable.

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                      • Joe
                      • tZj
                      • 24 Apr 2022

                      I used this phone in 2002

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                        • Ahmad
                        • IWV
                        • 05 Apr 2022

                        Desmond, 21 Apr 2001Both 3310 and 3210 are terrible, but if I have to choose on... moreYear 2022

                          Got this one, used, from my brother in the very early 2000s. Finally I was able to play "Snake" as well and had very decent ringtones, along with a music editor, which couldn't be used to compose a long and/or complex ringtone, but the options to adjust the pitch, speed and add pauses between notes were enough, to create something decent, if music knowledge met dedication. That being said, the 3210 was the way to "flex" back then. At least for those spoiled kids. Pretty stupid on all kind of levels, but the mobile itself was really a joy. Mine died, when I threw it with the power of a thousand suns to the ground. Poor 3210 wasn't at fault and became the real victim in that moment of pure rage. It was a solid one, but there are least for this model.

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                            • Shaddy
                            • r3H
                            • 07 Jul 2021

                            floriian, 07 Jun 2021my nokia 3210 from december 1999 is still working but 3rd b... moreI really have one with me but can't find the battery for now. I'm in love with the said phone and really can't let go except if I can't find the BML-3 2.4V battery

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                              • floriian
                              • 3Z5
                              • 07 Jun 2021

                              my nokia 3210 from december 1999 is still working but 3rd battery i bought back in 2010 but it is sooooo weak (on network for about 10min.......). i am just looking around for another replacement. i will not using it anymore but simply i like to have working device.
                              NOTA BENE: dear GSM arena it is not Iiion battery, but NiMH with 2.4V since it consist of 2 NiMH cell.

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                                • SoulYouth
                                • MkX
                                • 18 May 2021

                                Stronger than Thor's Hammer.

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                                  • ajihezhfizoe
                                  • 3g5
                                  • 24 Feb 2021

                                  first reviewed phone by gsmarena

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • sxs
                                    • 27 Jan 2021

                                    This is my first phone and I broke it because I replaced it with a fake battery.

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                                      • Anduweyy
                                      • XU$
                                      • 23 Oct 2020

                                      My First Phone

                                        My first phone