Nokia 3220

Nokia 3220

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  • Ram

munini, 07 May 2013I have been using this moblie for the last 6 years. It had been ... moreWhy dnt u try to get the IMEI no. of ur cell to the nearest nokia showroom , and he'll trace u out the cell charging a minimal amount .

  • munini

I have been using this moblie for the last 6 years. It had been perfect all the time I was using it. Unfortunately I have lost it this week. Can anyone tell me where can I get this phone? Please write me through this email. Thanks

  • mickey

3220 is my uncles first phone. He wanted a device with camera. Bought in 2005 with a hefty sum, the phone was an eye catcher with those lights. The lights glow and alert you in some interval of time about your missed calls or messages. The phone has java support. Camera is Vga. There is no card support the only drawback. So one has to buy the appropriate cable (which i think only i have in this town currently haha as the n72 cable looks similar but is different than this one's) one can transfer images and videos using mobimb trial using the cable. Opera 3.1 mini low supported. Speed is good. The phone has some reception problems now. My sister threw it on wall quite many times but it still works after some job.

  • jeras

Still one of my favorite phones, love the colored lights on the sides, too bad I broke mine after spilling glue all over it. I might just buy another one!

  • shahriarsonet

it is awsome but i not connect my phone with pc for want of data cable

  • siddes

i have wanted this phone. very nice phone

  • OutstandingC

This one is one of my favorites. Yes! it was one of the brilliant cellphone for young in Indonesia :D I've been using this phone since 2007 and there is no problems with mine :D it was cosr IDR 2.500.000 in Indonesia at that time I bought it or about US$ 300. Together with my Blackberry 9780. I through my days and still people surroundings are amaze by this light effects since it only support MIDI Polyphonic tones though :D great NOKIA 3220! :)

  • AnonD-111684

its an aewsome mobile

  • Balaji

it is a good phone still my mom uses it.

  • Merrie

I need to know how to transfer the Video clip in this phone for Nokia 3220 , i try to find out the USB to connect via phone but until now don't have if you have that kindly give me the info to me at or
Seriuosly i hope i can transfer my sweet memory with my son to computer...

  • lettie zelaya

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2012REALLY awesome... still using... no paisa to buy other fone.... ... more I Want to buy this celltelephon nokia3220

  • Anonymous

REALLY awesome... still using... no paisa to buy other fone.... awesome blockbuster sansani FONE

  • Harshitjangid

It is awesome mobile, i'm using this mobile since 2005.i had brought it from japan. .
It never hangs, and not any other problem i have faced. . .really good.

  • dheen

nice phone

  • Ali

i use it since 2006 and it 's really nokia 3220 is germany made.

  • luck

My First phone of my life...........really miss it...... Nostalgea

  • dejan

James, 02 Oct 2012Can someone tell me how I can get the security from NOKIA12345

  • dejan

I by this phone in yune 2005 and still work perfectly i stil use him,yesterday i by new batery for phone and it work just like new.P.S securiti code is 12345 for this model

  • captain

operation failed. camera on standby pl clarify.

  • Branko

whi my nokia 3220 shows CONTACT SERVICE every time when i turn on..