Nokia 3220

Nokia 3220

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  • Albo

the animated graphics for wallpaper is hanging!!or i would say stoping. you should have to go to settings in order to turn it on again!!is this a software problem?

  • Shanai

I think 3220 is very good little phone. My brother has it. He treats it like royalty.

  • Toni

i only got this fone yesterday and i am already in love with it! it is sooooo cool! it is awesome..i just wish it had infrared


This is one of the wonderfull pieces of work , NOKIA 4 EVER!!,i wish i could get one free or for promotion. thanx

  • KC

I have used this phone like 3months now. It is cute.The only i dislike in it is that it doesn't have an infrared. Please prove worng if i am not right.


  • Kunjumon

hey, can anybody help me? does this phone support GPRS EDGE modems to connect to the PC through a DKU cable? please do let me know
Thanx GSM arena for cunducting this forum

  • miao!!

this phone is a complete waste of your money.

  • Jerry

I bought this fone 2 months ago and I think it is the good fone (9 for 10) though lack of memory (3M for galary 1,5M for SMS & contact). It can use any type of mutimedia that have in phone to use as ring tone. Battery life is good (6-7 days) and it take only 1.5 hour for charging. Camera is good in the sunlight, video lenght can up to 60s. Sound is much better than 66xx and a great sync LED light with music. Transfer data to PC or PC to this fone is a great easy!

  • im_a_nurse

philippines luvs nokia so much but i think the 3220 is not like the modern type of mobile. poor connectivity that is! so i swapped my 3220 to SE is far more better than 3220. so u guys better change ur fones to SE now :) sorry nokia :( but in fairness to it. i think it is so far the cutest fone on the face of the planet!

  • ice

someone who's bin using t fone regularily pls tel me abt its battry life wil it b ok for a person like me who spks 4-5 hrs a long wil it last?reply please......

  • danielle

yesterday i bought the nokia 3220 fun shell but when you put the chip into the phone and put the shell on you turn on the phone and it wont download the cover browser software it keeps coming up with downloading failed so im not happy with the shell.
unless nebody knows how to make it work?

  • Tara

Hi all,
Does this phone have a stopwatch? Please?

  • Alen

Ye..Forgot.Does it have voice recorder and radio?

  • Alen many languages this fone have????and which!I did'nt understand!Please answer!

  • mahdi

its a good phone but how can I find out that its charged when its charging.and also how much time does it need to charge

  • ice

i wanna know abt tis fone's battery life.....i'll spk 4-5 hrs a day wil tis fone b efficient enuf 4 me?

  • Lucky

I bought this for approx 200US$ today. Good phone. Do U need original Nokia DKU5 cable or can we use 3rd party cheaper ones. I am now using old DLR9?? cable. I only works with win98. Please put your opinion.

  • wasantha

i bought this phone two week ago, its colour is good than others, but some time camara photo bad blak & white seems, night mood is too bad, not enough memery, ok button so tight, video 55sec & cant save two or three clips,

but light system is rock,sms writing very easy,
if some plane to buy this phone before ask me
data cabale DKU-5 i have drivers

  • Alejandro Vera

Hello I love my movil phone. This is a give that a special person give to me this year.
The phone have a lots funtiones and i want to know how get an another phone of this model but by internet.
Please answer my question .!... Thanks...

  • lacky dave

it is the best phone on te market love it to bits