Nokia 3230

Nokia 3230

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  • lvprao

Hi pals i'm planning to Buy a cell with CAM.I'm thought that this is a good one.Can u ppl suggest me to Buy or not....this model

  • Peter

Is it any way to restore original files on phone's memory? How can I restore all factory files on that phone?Please email to Thank you

  • alexa

it's probably dust.

  • jeff

can someone help me with this phone,i can see one or two white dots on my screen but i dont know wheter that are dead pixels or just dust.cause i already got my lcd replaced 3 times but the white dots still come after every 4-5 days.

  • DeepakPunia

Using this phone from a month now. half satisfied with the music part but images taken can put the S700i to shame, yes SHAME.

  • steve

Can anyone tell me where I can get a better MP3 application? or other software?

  • filipino guy

this phone is really better than 6230i, 6670, 7610, 6630...

im surprised this past few weeks, i can see people having this phone!

and on, this phone is the most means, its great!

there are a lot of softwares which is compatible for 3230 in

all the features are good!
this phone is really, really great!

i am just disappointed the fact that i cant remove the dust on the screen...!


  • Vish

angel...try zunfat or photorite...

  • so many problems

i have read all commecnt abt 3230....It seems to have more problems than praises?Is this phone really tt sucky?i am planning to get this phone but after reading all this comments...i decided not to buy.Is it really tt bad?

  • angel

Well, I tried d/l the Zenith software... but apparently the file is corrupted :( Anyone knows a solution or alternative file?

  • angel

Yes.. I'm facing problems with the stretching of the photos as well.. anyone knows of a solution?

  • Vish

To the ppl who is problem with the silent no vibrate thing..well..i havent found a way to do anythin about it..i have found mi very own guys can follow if you wish..record using ur computer a wav/midi file..and empty it send it to ur phone via blue tooth..and save it in the phone..create a new profile make sure ur ringing tones are the ones u recorded on ur com..make sure it is ringing mode NOT silent..put the volume to the lowest possible..and there it is..problem with htis is that..tht "beep"sound is still there before a call or is not loud as ur volume has benn adjustedto the lowest..


again i know i mite the last one to noe ppl who din noe..hope i helped you here..thx

  • sarri

to close the running programs keep pressing on the menu bottom and it show u all the programs that is running.. why should i do that..!!?? does this phone have a tv ? thank u.

  • Lenard Arthur

There's a freeware that takes better pix for the n3230. The aspect ratio problem has been fixed. Just go here ->

  • jorge

any firmware updates?

  • Ysh

To the person stating that the screen is the same as that of 6600 just open ur eyes and see clearly it's far better than 6600,7610 and even 6630 dont spred any wrong news and to jhon yes it can play movie clips

  • jon

can this phone play movie clips?

  • mark

how does one resolve the photos getting stretched sideways, thus making the person in the photo look fat, if not fatter? help! thanks!

  • Anonymous

The display = 6600 display, why? :/

^^ i dindnt think so,

the dysplay is the same like 7610 or 6670, didnt it??

  • Hemaka

The display = 6600 display, why? :/