Nokia 3230

Nokia 3230

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  • Anonymous
  • uuv
  • 23 Oct 2015

I Love thise phone

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    • Rakesh
    • KA4
    • 19 Oct 2015

    My First Phone

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      • ani
      • Nn5
      • 31 Aug 2015

      my nokia said system error i cant set my time and date please help

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        • somebody for suman
        • 2W5
        • 13 Jun 2015

        Suman, 19 Sep 2014How can download a messenger for this nokia 3230. . . ? ? W... moresearch in google for nimbuz messenger for this phone.nimbuzz is avery good messenger.yes it will work.

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          • AnonD-402275
          • tUH
          • 03 Jun 2015

          my 2nd phone well defined features classic gem from nokia.infact i had bought this phone twice.1st one got stolen & the 2nd one robbed.,,, i miss this phone as it had many memorable photos..

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            • SAKET
            • uwt
            • 15 May 2015

            my second phone .10 years of uninterrupted service by this phone and still working....thanks to nokia

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              • Pappi C
              • Mfx
              • 13 May 2015

              This phone was memorable to me. It was the first phone I was able to bring abroad because of its tri-band feature.

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                • AnonD-395027
                • Khs
                • 13 May 2015

                My 1st phone, more than 4 years I have it. Lot of memory with this phone, thx for a Long years be my best partner. U'll be missed. Nokia 3230 u'r awesomeeeeeeeee.......

                  • b
                  • billy's
                  • Khs
                  • 13 May 2015

                  My 1st phone, totally great phone. Lot of memory with this phone... thx for the long year be my best partner! Nokia 3230 u'r awesome.. u'll be missed.

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                    • burcho80
                    • iGy
                    • 11 May 2015

                    i had this phone,more than 6 yars. i can not broked fantastic phone,well desined.really great phone

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                      • justme
                      • 3YH
                      • 14 Mar 2015

                      sagar, 26 Aug 2014I just love this phone hope its relaunch with today's speci... moreAgreed, I think if this and other Classic original Nokias came back with today's features, it will be fantastic-They are the best well designed, coloured, durable phones ever. Todays Nokias are all rectangular ( boring) as are all the other brand phones, plus they now have colours so bright that they look like Fisher-Price made them. Dear Microsoft, now that you have taken over Nokia, please consider the points above. I sincerely hope Original Nokia makes a comeback.

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                        • saurabh
                        • t}A
                        • 22 Nov 2014

                        I have this phone
                        it is very good phone

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                          • Suman
                          • t1$
                          • 19 Sep 2014

                          How can download a messenger for this nokia 3230. . . ? ? Which messenger support this phone? Plz tell about. . .plz plz.

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                            • sagar
                            • vLQ
                            • 26 Aug 2014

                            I just love this phone hope its relaunch with today's specification

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                              • stalin christopher
                              • Xu@
                              • 13 Jul 2014

                              ranjha , 13 Jun 2014I can still remember this Nokia 3230 that i have bought fro... moreits true. I feel good while thinking 3230. But today i miss it. Mobile fell in beach. If anyone has means give me, i will pay you.

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                                • AnonD-280585
                                • rJV
                                • 05 Jul 2014

                                Nokia 3230 is the first symbian mobile to our home. My Mom, Dad, brother & me loves symbian a lot. We learned many things from this phone, even my professional carrier has been taught to go for Web developer, as i created a simple wapsites on 2007, 2008 from this phone lol? but true. Many of them in those days don't know about mobile internet, i used to use my opera com to upload photos to blog & chatting, surfing in mobile browser is a great experience. Symbian uses very less memory with high quality graphic games, where as android want GB's of memory for similar game. Now symbian is dead, i feel my best friend is no more :( I found two new Nokia N8 and E7 phones in amazon on 04th July 2014, i just buyed those immediately, although i know that nokia stopped service for symbian.

                                I Love you Symbian & Nokia.

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                                  • ranjha
                                  • PUE
                                  • 13 Jun 2014

                                  I can still remember this Nokia 3230 that i have bought from my salaries..and i love to use it.and one more thing i would like to share to you guys on that day in 2007-08 using of this type of phone is like using BMW car so status symbol i can say..i really love those day and my pretty girl friend .

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • wu4
                                    • 05 Dec 2013

                                    didnt acess my facebook

                                      • k
                                      • kocis
                                      • p@M
                                      • 28 Nov 2013

                                      What's wrong - SIM card dont accept?
                                      Please help.

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                                        • paula
                                        • fuf
                                        • 26 Nov 2013

                                        its anice phone