Nokia 3230

Nokia 3230

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  • diora

jen088>> u mean tranferring ur pix to ur pc? jus buy a bluetooth usb,its not pricey.its shaped like a pendrive which u jus plug into the same place where u plugged in ur pendrive lol

  • Anonymous

Ok. Prove your point further. Please list down the phones that is more slimmer n with the same features as this fone.

  • chetan

it is a good one to have butthe slimness factor accounts.there are many other phones which we have all the features and more slimmer than this.please take the slimness into account if possible with the same battery back up.

  • jen088

... eii this phone is very nice.. i bought this last week.. i'll just ask.. how can i put transfer the images that is in my cellphone??... if u answer this.. thanks a lot... takecare olweyz.. tnx again!

  • alex

guys...i really need help...until now my phone doesn't have good a good sound...loudspeaker is not good...
when i put a loud mode...maximum volume for my ringing tones...still i find it just whispering...
is this normal???
or is there anyway that i could make some changes with this phone about it's volume like to program it out...please help me...please...i'm beggin you guys...feel free to email me

  • klinton

wow...i like this phone,its a limmer phone,very light and small,simply the best mobile phone with a complete features,one problem need to that mono sound output on the mp3 player..

  • Crack

Hey thanx for the help.I got it installed and its working.One more query,is it possible to record the fm programmes?Is there any software available for that?Thanks once again.

  • Anonymous

Btw, 3230 is the best smartphone with a perfect, solid form. Simply one of the best.

  • Anonymous

Sure 6630 is a good fone but it has 1 major flaw which turn off buyers and annoy owners. The shape is like a peni$. You will feel its bulky weight while holding it with a hand. And its uncomfortable to hold as your hand holding it sticks out. Too bad. Great features. Poor form factor.

  • diora

i was told this phone cn support up to 512mb but beyond dat im nt sure.btw nokia 6630 has better camera plus its 3G for god's sake.of course nokia 6630 would b the better choice since sooner or later ppl will upgrade to 3G anyway??? and as was mention over n over n over again - go download msdriveE @ if u want to store ur msgs in mmc-yes nokia 6600 does dat and so do many other phones,but sadly not this baby.however once u install dis application,u wont b able to read or haf access to ur previous msgs stored in phone memory,they wil still b there jus doing nothing,like a vegetable.umm plus u wont b able to remove it once installed

  • Crack

Hi,Yesterday i upgraded from 6600 to the 3230.I must say,an excellent phone with good features but i have some queries so please help me solving it..1:)In the 6600 there was an option to set the message memory to mmc.But i did not find it in the 3230,How to set the messages memory to mmc? 2:)Whats the maximum limit of the memory card of this one?(512 mb or 1 gb or 2 gb?).Please solve my queries.Thanks

  • .:||| BaBy D' |||:.

i'm planning on buying this phone but i don't know which phone to get. the Nokia 3230 or the Nokia 6630. the Nokia 6630 has a soundspeaker and video calling while the Nokia 3230 doesn't. they both take good pictures. they both look cool. i don't know which would be the best phone or good phone. nothing much is different between the two except for the soundspeaker and video calling. help me please!

  • cary

its a gud fone,but sometimes it hangs up and automatically shuts down.

  • natty

this is my new phone.i'm really enjoying it especially the visual radio.but i wanna know more about the to send someone a ringing tone with that phone.anyone with knowledge please help me.thank you in advance

  • Raja Qamar

i have been using cell for a long time, but i am sure that NOKIA3230 is the best mobile phone ever i had.

  • Bobs

Hi it's me again, I just forgot to post it in my prev. post. Just recently that my Nokia 3230 started to show warning "SIM registration failed". Does anyone know what's wrong with my phone and how to solve the problem?

Thanks a lot!

  • Bobs

Thanks guys for the help!!!

Anyway, for MSN or Yahoo Messenger, you have to install Agilemessenger software first.

For the 'Call Not Allowed' warning, I have the same problem too, but I guess just ignore it.

  • Anonymous

Of course the n3230 is better than n7610 in my view. Thats the reason why nokia made the n3230. The n7610 keypad setting is abnormal as it focus on its stylish form n it can be confused to use at times esp for gaming. The n3230 has a hot swap that allows the user to take out the card with the fone on for data transfer. The n7610 cant as u have to power off the fone then the battery n finally the card. The n3230 camera is 0.3 mp better than the n7610. The n3230 is more lighter. Its up to u to decide but i suggest to go for the n3230. It also has a stereo fm radio as a bonus feature.

  • bunny

hey you guys can you help me out? I cant decide whether to buy this 3230 phone or the 7610 phone. 3230 has an awesome keypad compared to 7610. but 7610 recieved more good reviews. i want the one which can support msn messengers app. and can support up to 500+MB w/o hanging. thanks. pls post ur replies here :D

  • diora

cn this phone support up to 2GB?