Nokia 3350

Nokia 3350

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  • Aoshi

This phone is for idiots who still haven't realised that Nokia 33xx phones are worthless phones devoid of any real features.

  • adrian

i want to know the price on this phone

  • Tony

I bought this phone for my son brithday. He only likes Nokia as all his schoolmates
90% are using Nokia phones. The best thing I like is it had a Chinese calendar in it. Very convenient for me to check the Chinese date. He is allowed to join Nokia Club in my country. He also bought
a few express covers to interchange. He had download a lot of song from websites and ringtones operators. He likes it very much and also used to send ringtones through SMS to all his schoolmates.

  • Tim Beveridge

can someone tell me if you can get ringtones and logos for the 3350 yet?

  • Tapas

Please send me manul for full use of nokia 3350

  • Ken thompson

can anybody tell where can i get user manual for Nokia 3350?

  • Prashant Bhardwaj

I want User Manual of Nokia 3350 Please!!!

  • Mubashir

Buy cheap at

  • pol

good,very good........
but the body is to weak.........

  • George H

I have found the 3350 to be user friendly, though it is hard to get express covers here in Australia because this model is still a new release.

  • therem

the features are great and fun specially the picture editor. u can also compose ur own message alert but after using it for a month, my 3350 showed CONTACT SERVICE... so if you're planning to buy, don't buy v5.01 or better wait til all the firmware bugs are gone. btw: the screen saver is nice too, it occupies the whole screen, it even have an analog watch as a screen saver... it's a cool fone but better a buy a 3350 with a warranty or else...

  • Anonymous

well check this nokia fans, if in case you'll change your mind, cheers :)

  • eunike_fang

nice handphone cause i have too!but why can not registration in club nokia?

  • Mochsin

Yes at last! finaly there is a lightweight phone that afordable by anyone, with its function you wont believe it is a Nokia 3350 that looks like 3310 and 3330.Important thing is, it's lighter than 3310 & 3330.

  • catalin burtea

I think it's a brand new one, very nice looking, and it will have a very good market. I would surelly buyed it

  • huang

I like it very much.
It has the special calinder for Chinese people. It's my favourit.

  • raven_1

1998-2000 years of 3210
2001-2002 years of 3310,3330
2003-? year of this fone
i bet my girlfriend for this prediction
its just another future common fone

  • raven_1

this is more like a toy than a fone,
but its very amusing

  • GGG

Nokia is running out of ideas and out of date .. all what they do is change the cheep plastic covers they use on their phones..

  • chirag shah

its a nice fone but if it would have been with irda it would have been realy helpful