Nokia 3510

Nokia 3510

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  • cuteguy24

Hmmmm....I really compare cellphones to each other before buying a new one. But this phone really interests me. It has great features and capabilities. Lightweight design and can be easily slipped in the pocket. Data transfer is GPRS. Very cool. I can't make my mind whether I'll get a 7110 or 3510. What do you think people?

  • Buchas

This is the best phone Ive ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!

  • arifin

how to donwloud ringtone for nokia 3510

  • Overmars

its a very nice a i bought it

  • Michiel Kool

Its a great GSM and i would like to know the price, because i maybe want to buy it.

  • chris bermudez

you can must new radio use cp 3510 ok. you must make cp 3510 bonus new radio ok. And you must use background,color, more game and radio, Then you divide your make cp 3510 how think must more bonus new background logo, color lcd, radio tone and more game ok.
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  • chris bermudez

you can must new radio use cp 3510 ok. you must make cp 3510 bonus new radio ok.
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  • hubert

i got a nokia 3510. please help me on downloading games and animated screensavers. thank you.

  • Bogdan

I have the phone since 4 days ago and it made me only one problem. I can check how much I have to pay by calling on my operator and than receiving a sms. but it's not a normal sms. it's a special one that deletes itself after being read. the only problem is that when I receive this kind of sms, most of the times, it reboots. that's it. it doesn't block when i am surfing on wap or when i'm playing, not even when i'm writing messages. another thing: my poly sound level isn't that low. it is actualy high. the only inconvenient is that the battery isn't that "strong". i have to recharge it after 3 days of normal usage.

  • Marc

I've owned a 3510 for two months now, and I'm quite impressed with the phone in general. The poly ringtones are great (except maybe a bit quiet, and no composer), it's user friendly, and not too expensive for what you're getting (certainly well below the price range for the T68). In Australia its about $400 Australian. On the down side, it's fairly big and bulky, and the blue and black cases that it came with look totally shit. Apparently they're bringing out new cases with completely different button layouts though, and the gaming cases. The phone sometimes freezes up and resets itself (about 10 seconds most times), and some poly ringtones I downloaded freeze up the phone. The games on this phone are EXCELLENT though they seem to have scrapped the picture composer :( Oh, another thing, no nokia phones that I know of have that in call timer, that tells you how long you've been talking for? Nokia really needs this, because I know numerous people who would have purchased a nokia phone but didn't because of the lack of this feature. Optus has the free chat for 20 mins after 8, and its very handy to be able to tell at a glance how long u've been talking for. Overall, I'd probably recommend it over any other phone i've seen (most of them) in that price range.

  • gavin

i think its a great phone, i just have a few problems with it occasionally turning off while doing something important, and sometimes its hard to switch back on

  • Shamayel

Its the best phone i ever bought. Easiest to use and more features than you ever will find the need to use.

  • Gavin

hi,folks this phone has a very bad poly's speaker ,wht i mean it is soo soft it makes no practical sense of the poly tones,other wise this phone kicks ass and has many nice features,but whts the use no loud speaker tat why i didnt buy it,also its light and has a nice feel, price is 7500 rupees in india in grey market.

  • TwoTecs

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  • lord

Hi all Plz i have a Problem with my 3510 Nokia phone i can not download any Ring tone in to my Mobile also if i send it from another Mobile it comes Very low , tel me if there is any Data Cable for it
i hope to get any thing about it soon
thanks ,,, urs lord

  • omer amin

it is good mobile phone but the size is not handy and new polytones are exellent.


-New Nokia 3510(i) -model is much more better,what Nokia 3510-model!. =)

  • TwoTecs

Nokia 3510i To be out in Q4 2002.
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  • TwoTecs

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  • alibaba

pleas help me...I want to load polyphonic ringtone and animated screensavers but i can not... alibaba