Nokia 3600 slide

Nokia 3600 slide

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Dhinesh S, 22 May 2018I got this one on 2009-01-11 in Univercel Shop, chennai as ... moreWhat do you mean by "chennai as a maiden one"?

  • Dhinesh S

I got this one on 2009-01-11 in Univercel Shop, chennai as a maiden one.
i was impressed with model and that time 3.5MP camera with Dual LED Flash is great feature. other than that np knowledge about phones. so, i picked it.
after that, i realised its not worthy. but, built quality is good. backup capacity of power is worst. then , few years gone the model stopped from sales.
interestingly its still in my hand as a personal device.

  • Anonymous

This is very underrated by Nokia standards

  • ace

i have not used the phone for a year but now when i switch it on fully charged it asks for a restriction code-whats this please

  • mith

i used this fone for 3 yrs. it was a good fone that time

  • mfonfu wazi

i have a problem with my nokia 3600.
it was send to me by my elder brother from Europe but it is asking for a restriction code...
can some help me with its restriction code

  • raje

good phon

  • sharp


  • sharp


  • Anonymous

Good phone

  • Time

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2012i have use this phone for 4 years know and it is very good ... moreAre you sure... you will live that long ?

  • jot

i am use this phone
this phone was nic
his phone very power ful

  • Ram

I am using in this phone since 6 to 7 years... Very good phone for its price.. It will work like a android phone works very good phone and also greate internet speed... Good camera quality.. And it will not hang at any time even if you work faster... I have satisfied greatly by this phone... I am loving this phone day by day more and more for its better quality and work and also speed... Yet nokia have not launched a phone like this.. It is worth for its price really

  • deep

what the original display price of this phone?

  • Babai

Deep, 08 Jan 2013Plz tell me this phn restart code.plz. . . .helpThe restart code is 12345 then ok

  • Deep

Plz tell me this phn restart code.plz. . . .help

  • charanjit

Stylish mobile

  • vishu

is wats app, configurable in this cell??

  • Rahul

Its nice cell

  • nani

its very very good phone