Nokia 3610

Nokia 3610

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  • Sagar kumar

Rakesh Kumar, 16 Nov 2020My father 1st mobile phon My big brother used 1st time this phone fully ruff & tuff mobile iwant this phone know also

  • Arzakha

my first mobile phone when i was in college.., it was cool

  • Rakesh Kumar

Lalu , 16 Aug 2020I like phoneMy father 1st mobile phon

  • Lalu

I like phone

  • andeelight

we've had this phone before and used it as a family communicator tool i would say and it really helped us a lot especially those times when my relatives are none to be seen .

  • Sudhanshu mishra

my first cell phone I miss it

  • Anonymous

What's next? Nokia 3710?

  • rajesh

my first cell phone really I miss it

  • Anonymous

This was my very first phone

  • dreamfone

i was saw this phone and i loved it

  • AnonD-417674

next target.... hope that phone already stock... BNOB or refurbished, i don't care.... i'll buy it next month.

  • Anonymous

my first phone tears in my eyes, i am still search that phone

  • RajW

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2014I didnt remember if i lost mine or it burned by my mother, ... moreMy first phone as well...tears in my eyes.

  • Anonymous

Kari , 27 Apr 2012I want to buy it tooooooo pls suggest this was my first pho... moreAmazon, lazada, ebay etc. you can possibly find this phone

  • Anonymous

I didnt remember if i lost mine or it burned by my mother, hahaha :D i really love this phone, my first phone i bought from my own pocket.

  • AnonD-233484

Still using this one along with my nokia 5200 both rocks !! unlike modern android always hanging phones.


this is first phone ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • AnonD-11328

My First phone Loved the light flashing...Got caught once in class when it rang.....Mission Impossible ringtone during a boring lecture....

  • Manish

Zoo Zoo, 23 Oct 2012this is my first PhoneMy First Phone also .. i hve bought in 10k in Sep 2002

  • muahaha

3610 wasn't the best phone from Nokia