Nokia 3610 fold

Nokia 3610 fold

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  • ganze

my small bro rectenly brought ths phone n now volume key is nt wrking... and even i m uable to take pic

  • Keat

No radio but nice cell.

  • shampoo

i have a problem. when i have a call, i can't hear any sound coming from the phone. i will need to switch to loudspeaker. the volume is set to its loudest at 10. i already looked at the call settings and there seems to be nothing that could have affected the sound. does anyone know of any other settings on the phone that i could have missed? or is this a phone defect already? help would be very much appreciated. thanks.

  • Anonymous

i think its very expensive about its features

  • divya

it is d cell phone which makes me feel just WOW!!!!!!

  • dodo

I think it is very expensive

  • eeeee

I am wondering wich phone to buy 6555 or 3610.About 6555 i've heard lots of things about the battery.the design is identical,so i dont know wich is more strong.

  • Ayman Farid

Hallo, Nokia 3610fold is very wonderful phone....But i think the touch screen option is less important than dual sim u must care about the vital option such as " Dual sim " and at the same time i can't change my favourite nokia phone....It will be great loss if u don't do that ,.....( good suggestion: What about concerning in phone or battery's life? )

  • Jem

I think it's a nice looking phone with decent specs. Everyone complaining about cameras and other bells and whistles, get a higher end phone :/ This looks simple and it's cheap, but the analog clock gives it a classy feel. I'm planning on getting a blue one soon :) Really looking forward to that battery life!

  • avinash

Just a Guy, 10 Aug 2009I sell this phone and no1 buys it. I am getting for myself. Th... morewhat did it cost?

  • ronyjarod

i'm using it now. good for normal condition usage. almost function-less. works well with pc suite

  • baatagin

This nokia is not a good phone, is easy to use but I prefer old nokia...

  • Just a Guy

I sell this phone and no1 buys it. I am getting for myself. The stereo widening and the equalizer have to be set to get maximum sound from it. So loud that it distorts when turned up all the way. I am getting this 1 because u can charge it while you have the headset plugged in. LOUD AS HECK FOR ROCKIN TUNES!!!

  • harsh

Raj, 24 Jun 2009Very Nice not hot Set plz! mention the cost of the particular se... morethe price for this set is 6990.

  • Anonymous

gud set i lo0ve it

  • no "nokia"

I am a nokia user from iran as you know nokia has sold special devises to my countries government to spy our conversations
This is what they say:
Nokia, Siemens Help Iran Spy on Internet Users­ia-and-siemens-help-iran-spy-on-internet-users/
So I won't buy nokia again,
Our government are killing us because we want freedom, we want to breathe freely and think, but as you know they don't let us to think, to speak freely and, they have killed a lot of oppositions, neda,sohrab,ali &..
I beg from nokia users all over the world please don't buy nokia
Please, please help us by selling your nokia phones and buy another brand, think that this is your own problem, what will you do?
Please help us.
Thank a lot.

  • Raj

Very Nice not hot Set plz! mention the cost of the particular set on the Site to make the person's information to be sattisfied

  • ali megahed

i have one of this mobile phone > it s easy to play and it can show you who is calling and it have amemory card with 2 and 4Gb it seem good in Appearanc and in his Possibilities my advice to you buy it it will help you in alot of thing s and itsn t expinsive too any question on it you need to ask call me (

  • machan

it looks nice i'd like to get a hold of one ^^ simple but nice

  • peace

good phone has alot upgradeable memory with sd card can watch movies email text talk mms 3gp good battery life outside screen for screening calls i love it