Nokia 3660

Nokia 3660

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  • HoneyBunny
  • srS
  • 07 Aug 2021

Had it back then, in red. Loved it so much. Unfortunately, got stolen from my coat at work.

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    • jX8
    • 26 Dec 2020

    the item was expensive but the best in imarket for years. i lived in china for five years bebinning 2010 and it got high attentiomn from the natives.
    best telephone even to this day. the camera was state of the art.
    i still have it and it takes a charge.

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      • Aleksej
      • d%{
      • 22 Mar 2020

      It has monophonic?! I never knew it.

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        • Nokkon
        • sUU
        • 20 Nov 2019

        My first Nokia phone ... So nostalgic

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          • Victory
          • Kx1
          • 17 Aug 2019

          Unique design even theres a bit of effort to handy, I bought this phone in 2004 from my early month salaries when I get a job for the first thing I remember the camera was stunning!!!

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            • AnonD-626938
            • wu4
            • 31 Dec 2016

            I bought a Nokia 3660 in 2004 and replaced its battery AFTER EIGHT (8) YEARS of use! But I had to replace the phone with a new one when my new job required me to get an updated model as of 2013.
            The Nokia 3660 is still in my cabinet, I did not dispose it since its a good phone. It was initially RED but replaced it immediately with a BLACK housing. (its just there are parts of it are white that I can not replace it with black color)

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              • Anonymous
              • g4Y
              • 17 Jan 2016

              Jus switch back to tmobile after many years and have to wait to buy new phones. Put new Sim card in 3660 and it works. Battery still good. Good memories and pics still in MMC card in phn...might not buy any phone...just go old school when it was mainly talk n text and reject a call.

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                • Dinesh
                • YTF
                • 04 Aug 2015

                Nice old phone. Reminds me of those old days when I bought this phone for 16000 /- in 2003 and still have this phone with me kept in my collection. Gprs used to be a very costlier and new thing at that time. VGA camera was an entry during that time. Wallpapers, ringtones and most loving game bounce was the amazing....Really a golden era when people used to buy the phones which lasted for years. In today's time we buy a phone and next day it becomes out dated. wasting money like anything today.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • tht
                  • 11 Apr 2013

                  Ado, 23 Dec 2010Can it play mp3 files?,what be done about de absent of gall... moreyou can instal 3Rd party aplication.
                  I instal ultraMp3 on my 3660. From
                  i am sure theres a lot of application outhere to make your 3660 can play mp3. Just find one.

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                    • yuli
                    • tht
                    • 11 Apr 2013

                    dariush, 19 Jul 2011How is it possible to copy the Phone book names & numbe... moreits too long ago.i cant remember exactly..
                    But if you have new nokia phone.
                    I have nokia e72: THERE aN APlication there : switch.
                    It send appilcation instaler to my nokia 3660, so the 3660 can backup all contact include the detail, to send to my nokia E72. It as easy as 123.

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                      • brayn1234
                      • P@d
                      • 23 Aug 2012

                      i have a question my phone n3660 has an bluetooth system error can anybody pls help me with my problems???????????????????????????????????

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                        • AnonD-21672
                        • tA$
                        • 11 Sep 2011

                        SithV, 12 Apr 2011My first phone) I was 14 when I got it. Still have a huge a... moreapik.. tapi lola.. I have this,but i am difficult to get its software.Anybody can help me to find the software?

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                          • dariush
                          • sxv
                          • 19 Jul 2011

                          How is it possible to copy the Phone book names & numbers to a new sim from phone memory? not 1 by 1 .

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                            • SithV
                            • IBL
                            • 12 Apr 2011

                            My first phone) I was 14 when I got it. Still have a huge album of school photos, today its usual thing but back those days it was something! I used b/t to transfer them to my pc!)) I actually can play mp3 not by default though...,there was an app for symbian) worked fine! Plus it had WAP! Still have it somewhere around)

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                              • justin
                              • t7X
                              • 23 Feb 2011

                              I love this phone i used it many years ago i have learne a lot in this phone

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                                • brt
                                • uti
                                • 17 Feb 2011

                                Its best in its way.

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                                  • Jazzero
                                  • t7X
                                  • 07 Feb 2011

                                  It does not play mp3 files, only *.aac, *.mid, *.wav(low-bitrate) as far as I know... But It does not have the built-in capabilities to play *.mp3, although you can install a 3rd party software to enable mp3 playback...

                                  As for the gallery, It does have a Gallery, only for photos... As I remember...

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                                    • AnonD-715
                                    • 0Qb
                                    • 03 Feb 2011

                                    its ok

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 0Qb
                                      • 03 Feb 2011


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                                        • Fuck
                                        • uNV
                                        • 16 Jan 2011

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