Nokia 3720 classic

Nokia 3720 classic

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  • Working man

Bought in 2009. Still in use and works fine. No matter how moist/wet work conditions are it doesn´t mind just keeps on going.

  • Eve

AdamBoy64, 30 Jan 2015Make no mistake - this is one of Nokia's best ever devices.... moreYes, hope it gets better camera

  • Giannis Greece

The best phone I have ever had! Bought it in 2010 and still functioning wonderfully. Talking about 1,5 h per day, charging every 5-6 days days. Now the (original, never replaced) battery level indication is not accurate and needs charging every 3 days. If someone didn't ever need a pc/smartphone on his hand, was the best phone the Finnish Nokia ever made! I am deeply sorry that I can' t buy an equal new phone these days...

  • Favvygold

I love it but don't know how to use the youtube

  • Ivar

After almost 8 years of use and abuse the bezel starts to come off from one edge but all in all it's the best phone I've ever had. Now thinking of getting one of those almost-rugged dual-sims but at the moment there is nothing on the market that will seriously draw my attention.

  • Billy boy

I bought it in 2010 and still use other comment needed.

  • AdamBoy64

Possibly the best phone I have ever used.
The hope of a successor is gone now.

This was Nokia at it's finest ~

  • Robert

I have used my Nokia 3720 for the last 7 years and had no problems with it - never lagged, never behaved wierdly, after all this time the battery still lasts at least 2 days from full charge. It still works well and I only now bought my first smartphone because everyone around me expects me to be online and use instant messaging apps instead of SMS.

  • 3720c for ever

Absolutely magnificent phone. My phone has been in water, under water, in soaking jacket pocket, submerged in just poured concrete, covered with sand dust, fallen of table and from pocket to ground/floor many many times, hours in rain during motorcycle trips, in the heat of sauna and everywhere you can imagine phone can accidentally end. All it ever needs is wash up and back to business. Had it for 7 years now. No fancy applications but the main purpose to receive and make phone calls has never failed. Best mobile phone ever. I hope it lasts for long time in the future because there is nothing as durable and reliable to replace it with.

  • taunts

I dropped this phone in autumn accidentally on the rainwater gutter and it stuck on there... After 6 months it somehow miraculously fallen out and i found phone on my yards.After little clean out procedures,it worked like charm and working so far.

  • AnonD-376176

Still using it now since 2009 (always ON 24hrs a day).
ALL rubberized parts are now nonexistent (beyond its service life) exposing its internal components.
The adhesive that holds the silvery metal frame has loosen its grip and for years i have been using the phone without it.
Its original battery is practically good only up to 2 years use but still quiet usable.
How i wish there is a replacement at least for its rubber frame to protect especially the bottom ports and volume keys and also the same material for its battery cover.
Everything else of the 3720c is the "good enough" specs from a phone for me- a bit short of being perfect.

  • AdamBoy64

Make no mistake - this is one of Nokia's best ever devices.
It's ultra-durable, without any compromises.

Man, I miss it.

  • symbianguy

can be used as a hammer to nail nails, this phone can take just about any fall on floor or liquid. had this for 4 years?? and never ran into a single problem! sound quality is great, can play AAC tested up to 500 bits AAC veeeery good playback. the only and only downside would be the audio jack, 2.5mm as it is older usage, the older 2.5mm earbuds cost quite a bit more than the normal 3.5 usage nowdays. phone keeps on easy whole week if you dont use every 5 minutes duh.. has great performance java plugin that can play just about any phone javabuilt game. i give the phone full poins 5 stars!

  • Anonymous

The best phone I ever had. I often wonder how sturdy it really is, and why it's not eating batteries. Why don't Nokia produce it anymore??

  • Anonymous

Solid and good phone. I used it for about 5 years. Never had any problems. Sound quality was good. Battery was still in good shape. Dropped it countless times on the floor, in water, ..., never had a problem.
Well, it is not washing machine resistent. Regardless of that, I would buy it again.

  • Lingvistus

Does it have Russian language menu?

  • Anonymous

best telephone ever

  • Anonymous

Roger, 25 Sep 2013This phone has been a real pleasure to own and use. Admitte... moreMy opinion : i will not buy this phone because it is not light weight, no xpress browser and costly.
Almost all Nokia feature phones are solid build even drop it in water ! ( just remove the battery and blow with electric fan for few hours).
One more point: the latest series of Nokia low end phone supports dual sim card , multi- lingual, Whatsapp, Viber, Line,email, fast internet even it runs on 2G, long last battery and affordable price : it is good to be secondary phone at the present because nowsaday many people use two or three phones ( Tablet, Smart and basic phone).
For basic phone : many people in my country prefere to use Nokia phone. . .because of its durability ( eg: nokia 1280) , easy to use and reasonable price.

  • Roger

This phone has been a real pleasure to own and use. Admittedly, my phone needs aren't very demanding: I just need to be able to call people, send SMS, with very occasional internet surfing, take a photo when I'm bored (serviceable 2mb camera). It ticks all those boxes just fine, though the latter is rather outdated.

Its main selling point was that it was durable. Too often, I've laughed in the faces of people whose smartphones sport a nice fat crack on the screen. I wanted to have a phone that I could drop with no issues. In that department, the 3720 has served well... though only recently, after a few years of ownership, I've slightly cracked the screen after dropping it onto a jagged, rocky surface.

The second selling point is the battery life. 1050 mAh? All I know is that it takes days before I need to charge it up again. I will state that I'm not on the phone 24/7 so that definitely helps.

I'm only thinking of upgrading to a new phone, because of the 2G network on the Nokia. It's simply not practicable for getting info off the web, unless you're patient, and can handle reading off such a tiny screen.

Would recommend to anyone who needs a durable phone, and has only basic needs.

  • AdamBoy64

Anonymous, 28 May 2013No, you can only plug it into an electrical socket. There i... moreThank you. I appreciate the response.