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I'm using this phone since may 2019 (3 years)
when it was new it was smooth but after a while it started to have issues like delay and lots of lagging having a ringing phone with black screen etc.
Battery life starts to decrease after a while and storage space fills up quicly
the only good thing is that the bulid quality is great have drop it millions of times and it still works
Rathen than that i regret buying it and wish i had done a more careful research
All in all i dont recoment this phone to anyone especially in 2022 exept if someone pays you to get it off his hands

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    • 0mX
    • 22 Jul 2022

    I am using it since November 2018. Still, from the very beginning the phone shows very slow performance, the touchscreen doesn't react always properly, sometimes causing a serious delay when trying to answer a call! Not happy with that one.... I wouldn't recommend it!

      • L
      • Lyne
      • Nsj
      • 18 Jul 2022

      Worst mobile phone that i have ever used,it keeps on crashing and i have to keep on taking it for repair,it has charging problems.I highly DO NOT recommend this phone.Thank me later.

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        • Sin
        • 0Rw
        • 17 Jul 2022

        FW26 Enjoyer, 14 Jul 2022If the Nokia 3 is a masterclass on how not to build a phone... moreThe Nokia 3 & Nokia 3.1 only difference between them and this is battery life and performance are better on Nokia 3.1
        Plus having AndroidOne on Nokia 3.1

        From a design choice point of view I like the Nokia 3 more it is a better size & has a home bottom in the bottom Bezel also has stock Android

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          • FW26 Enjoyer
          • KgV
          • 14 Jul 2022

          If the Nokia 3 is a masterclass on how not to build a phone, this one is the exact opposite. For it's price it's an amazing deal. Almost all the problems of the Nokia 3 (terrible Fps issues and bad battery life) are not an issue here.

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            • Sin
            • pJw
            • 10 Jul 2022

            Sin, 02 Jan 2022I got a nokia 3.1 smartphone brand new for 50 pound 2gb ram... moreJust a update on my smartphone
            after about half a year

            I learned slow charging speed is not a bad thing its in fact more healthy for your smartphone then fast charging

            slow charging a good thing avoid fast charging do not use them
            fast changing phones are made too have short life

            The battery life far surpassed all xpectations & is still going really strong
            on top of that the phones has been setting in a box brand new for like 4 years before i even buy it meaning if you got this smartphone in 2018 it would of been even better still

            The camera is really good but as storage is small i don't really take many pictures
            all of my complaints with this smartphone are with storage & ram

            This smartphone is very well optimized for it's hardware and runs a lot better then it should it can punch for punch above it's weight
            it don't throttles or overheat either

            but it turns out android even stock android is really heavy and ram hungry also ever app i instill
            use ram in the background
            sadly i was unable too buy the 32rom/3gb version of this smartphone ( sold out )

            you need 2gb for most games what they don't tell you is apps in the background running also are fighting over that ram

            This turned into a massive problem as games grow bigger and update so a game that run just fine at the start of this like now ram bottleneck means sometimes games run out of ram freeze up and force close because there badly optimized

            Being a gamer a phone that can't game anymore is obsolete too me am mad game devs don;t care about budget gamers and keep making games stupidly hard to run with game updates

            This smartphone is the perfect example of really good software alone is not good Enough for gaming even if i close all apps in the background when gaming the ram usage is maxed out games run fine in back start of this year now it struggles
            This why gaming advice is too buy more then you need so you grow into it

            camera battery software android 10 stock android Nokia smartphone health app
            good power saver mode screen res 720p better for budget phones then 1080p easier too run a lower res screen then higher one ips screen with bezels optimized software
            this smartphone didn't slow down much at all does not or overheat either throttle

            ram & storage are bad
            low spec processor

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              • Dibs
              • rv1
              • 19 Jun 2022

              This phone is giving me trouble. Signal is very bad. When receiving phone call sometimes it will be ringing but with a black screen. The system UI is very bad. Good camera but the performance of the phone very low. I regret buying it

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                • Inva
                • S3c
                • 24 Mar 2022

                Skippy the Kangaroo, 27 Feb 2022Been using the phone for a year, and let me tell you, it�... moreYou're just another shill saying outrageous lies about European and Asian phone brands, hoping to drive customers to iPhone and Google Pixel.

                Same pattern in every comment section for every phone that is not 1. Apple or 2. Google.

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                  • John K
                  • CGH
                  • 10 Mar 2022

                  Great phone.... Been using it since November 2018....Great phone... Broke the screen once(After several falls.) and and got it repaired.

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                    • Veeraragavan
                    • R5a
                    • 05 Mar 2022

                    I am using 3Gb Ram 32gb 3.1 @7200 Rs in 2019 using for past 3 years..user friendly and never had single problem with my mobile...worth for money

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                      • Skippy the Kangaroo
                      • IWT
                      • 27 Feb 2022

                      Been using the phone for a year, and let me tell you, it's REALLY slow, i mean unimaginably slow. Cant even open my email it's so slow, but i mean what can you expect? 2GB Ram is never enough and a strongly discourage you buying it.

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                        • Sin
                        • cTN
                        • 02 Jan 2022

                        I got a nokia 3.1 smartphone brand new for 50 pound 2gb ram 16gb storage
                        i wanted the 3gb ram & 32 storage but was sold out

                        This will be my new daily driver am just going buy a case and screen protector for it Before i carry it with me everywhere

                        I like stay well on the safe side with my smartphones
                        and i like keep my smartphones for a long time till i upgrade

                        i done a lot testing for a few days before this review i own this phone
                        am a smartphone gamer but i mostly do light gaming

                        I really like the size of the phone & the ips led screen is ok
                        smartphone bezels are best and is how all phones should be with the screen clear of any silly notch or hole punch

                        The speed of the smartphone is a ok the ul is light and optimised the smartphone OS runs smoothly most of the time however the specs are weak
                        i should point out this is a slow smartphone and its only going get slower with age
                        however give it a few years i fear it be painfully slow and i bet it freezes up at times

                        performance is low but usable the smartphone runs very well for the specs it has being a gamer i ended up playing lighter games on the smartphone light games run ok but not as good as a gaming phone can run light games however heavy gaming is a no go

                        The os is good i think the android version is the best thing about this smartphone it come on android 8 i updated it to android 10 on day 1

                        AndroidONE i really like it made a old cheap phone from 2017 good in 2022 am happy i have a supported version of android

                        The ul & software is good so far i not run into any problems with it maybe i avoid all know bugs with update i did so this be my advise update so all bugs are patched before you use the smartphone

                        I hope there are custom roms out there for this smartphone for when android 10 is too old
                        as i like this smartphone a lot

                        I don't know the ifixit rating of this smartphone or when the battery dies how hard it be to replace hopefully i not run into problems with this and repair cost

                        The good
                        software android version 10 androidONE
                        the smartphone size
                        the weight
                        brand new smartphone
                        The screen has bezels
                        good value for money
                        good brand of smartphone
                        the smartphone build is good
                        plastic smartphone with metal on the sides
                        the smartphone don't over heat
                        has sd card slot ( much needed )

                        The bad
                        storage is only 16gb only 2gb free after os update need at least need 32gb storage in 2022
                        changing speed is slow also the changer port is bothersome
                        need at least 3gb ram in 2022

                        I recommend this smartphone as your main smartphone (3&32 version for 100 pound) (2&16 version 50 pound) if you can get it cheap and your not a heavy user or is all you can fit in your price range
                        This cheap smartphone is the one best of its price range

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                          • Ameen
                          • Py$
                          • 02 Sep 2021

                          I had the fresh piece and original one which I think is the one to have.
                          No problems for one year. And the moment 1 year passed, it slowed down badly. The 2 gb ram is awful. It always fills 1.4/1.9 ram always without any task running. And for storage, you need to have sd card to make it work better. Battery optimisation is awful. And Phone shuts down at 20 percent. For GPS, it always show my phone direction a bit twisted on the angle. And it confuses my Google Maps a lot. Google Phone app is worst of all. It kills your phone. It doesnt show you calls you for like 10 second while playing only sound. And There are tonnes of glitches. I would Just recommend to use phone with phone messaging contacts camera apps built by the phone company itself. Not Google apps. They are the worst. Do not buy this phone. Money wasted.

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                            • max
                            • nEM
                            • 23 Jul 2021

                            PLEASE AVOID IT IS SMELLY AND IT SUCKS!
                            Battery dies at 40%
                            Slow as hell
                            Fat bezels
                            Breaks easily
                            SD card won't work
                            Battery smelt weird after a while

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                              • war baby
                              • r3a
                              • 22 Jul 2021

                              Oluwaseun , 08 Nov 2020I truly enjoy this phone but it stopped working since I upd... moresame with mine

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                                • war baby
                                • r3a
                                • 22 Jul 2021

                                i upgrade it from version 9 to 10 and when i restart it, i refuse to ON, please what will i do

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • YiE
                                  • 27 Jun 2021

                                  Piece of junk, all sorts of problems with phone app. It just shut down 2days ago and can’t get it to turn on. Hate this phone.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • rAN
                                    • 10 Jun 2021

                                    BISAATO, 10 Jun 2021I updated my Nokia 3.1 to android 10. last year.. But sinc... moreme too.....sold it n brought 2.2 becoz it has Android 11

                                      I updated my Nokia 3.1 to android 10. last year..
                                      But since then it has failed to install all other update from the one for October 2020... to date..
                                      it keeps on failing to install the update... as below

                                      Couldn't update
                                      Installation problem
                                      - Software update - Google Security Patch
                                      What's New
                                      - Google Security Patch 2020-10
                                      Advisory Notice
                                      - It is recommended that Users use Wi-Fi wherever possible in order to download updates. If you wish to use Cellular Mobile connection, please note that downloading data over a Cellular Mobile Network (including when in a Roaming environment), may incur additional charges - check with your Network Provider should you have anv concern..
                                      Try again

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                                        • Chris T.
                                        • d%5
                                        • 18 Apr 2021

                                        does google camera go work on this?