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Nokia 4.2

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  • Anonymous

Saniat, 26 Jul 2020Does Nokia 4.2 Support 5 GHz Wifi? I failed to connectNo

  • Carol

True Indian, 08 Aug 2020I been researching alot and trying to find a phone for my d... moreI do not know how much this one costs in India, but i would go for nokia 5.3, well when size is not a probelm, as that what is pretty big.

  • True Indian

I been researching alot and trying to find a phone for my dad. He was using iphone 5s for past 4 years and now the display is leaking and with a budget of 10-12k and a mission to buy an all INDIAN phone i have set my eyes on nokia 4.2. i know for the price tag of 11000 there are better chinese phones in market but i need a basic 4g phone with decent looks and storage for watsapp and proper 4G LTE and 5Ghz WIFI connection and with stock android, upgradable to latest android. Am i making the right choice? Will i be getting an Indian made phone if i buy from flipcart? My purpose of watching videos in yotube, making calls, using watsapp and browsing the net over 5GHz wifi will be smooth with a snapdragon 439 chipset?

  • Tope

For me, this phone has network issues. It just loses signal and you cant make calls, whereas others beside you are making calls clearly. its so frustrating

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2020Compared to price- Display: Good Performance: good Batte... moreOh and charging time will seem slow to people who are used to fast charging

  • Anonymous

Junaid Ahmed, 07 Aug 2020I have been using this device for a month and its a good de... moreCompared to price-
Display: Good
Performance: good
Battery life: OK
Camera: bad
Design & build: Very Good.
Will get at least another year of OS upgrade and regular security updates.

  • Junaid Ahmed

I have been using this device for a month and its a good device in this price. It was released with Android 9 and Nokia released the Android 10 as promised. This year old budget phone also gets regular monthly security updates which is a attractive to some. It's display is good, performance is OK and battery life is OK, but the camers performs very poor under low light. It's build quality is good and has a premier feeling in hand which can't be matched even by many pricier devices. For the price-point it's a very decent device. Of course you'll probably get a bit more for the buck with Xiaomi but the better design+build and the regular updates (under Android one programme) should compensate users who value those things.
Oh, and don't use Android if you care about privacy. It's a bit more truth with stock Android.

  • djkunziy

I upgraded to Android 10 few days ago and network freezes, until phone is restarted and it continues, the phone is on yet they can not reach my 2 lines on the phone until it's restarted.
Nokia fix this bug on Android 10 quickly as this is embarrassing

  • Anonymous

Aqualord, 24 Jul 2020It's been fixed brono, it hasn't been fixed.

  • Anonymous

The microphone stopped working in various apps including WhatsApp weeks ago, after Android update. Many other users reported this same problem, still waiting for Nokia to fix it. Poor service really.

  • Saniat

Does Nokia 4.2 Support 5 GHz Wifi? I failed to connect

  • Anonymous

I sold my Redmi Note 7 and purchased a Nokia 4.2. The main reason was I wanted a non Chinese phone made in India.

In many ways the RN7 is superior to the N4.2. Display, battery, cameras, processors. But I like my new phone as it is handy (I wanted a phone wirh < 6.0 display) and it gives me stock android.

So I have peace of mind none of my data is going to Chinese servers and also I don't have to worry about ads and other unnecessary bloatware. I can safely carry out online transactions with some peace of mind.

The display even though HD+ is sharp and bright enough and I am having no issues typing this text.

The other positive thing about N4.2 is its design and build. It feels much more solid, robust and premium than any other Chinese phone in its price bracket (typical Nokia build quality). No Chinese brand phone can come near in this regard.

Design is beautiful and I have the pink variant. It stands out from the ocean of similar looking Chinese phones due to its unique design and the power button that lights up.

Aqualord, 24 Jul 2020It's been fixed broNot it hasnt. At least not on my unit

Elmaz, 22 Jul 2020The mic not working issue is a general one. Mine too doesnt... moreIt's been fixed bro

  • Anonymous

I purchased this phone (pink variant) for INR 10200/-. The reason for buying it and not others which offer better value (specifications) are :

1) Non Chinese phone. With all the issues regarding security I wanted to buy a phone from a non Chinese company preferably Made in India.

2) Stock Android. The prime reason for opting for Nokia over other manufacturers like Samsung LG.

3) Design. I liked the design and it came across as different and one which stands out. Most Chinese phones look the same and this one has some nice design elements (like power button that lights up or the pink accents) that make it stand out.

4) Compact. I am using a phone which has a 6.3" display. I want to move towards a smaller device preferably under 6.0". I would surely avoid any phone with display bigger than 6.2" as phones have just become too unwieldy.

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2020I have been using this for 2 months now. I found 3 issues. ... moreThe mic not working issue is a general one. Mine too doesnt work most times. So voice recorders and voice notes arent working anymore since android 10 update

  • Hulusi Akar

GEORGE, 15 Jul 2020manufactured in where??For south-Asian countries it's Indonesia.

  • Anonymous

I have been using this for 2 months now. I found 3 issues.

1. Phone gets automatically switched off sometimes.
2. Mic doesn't work sometimes (whatsapp voice messages)
3. Sometimes a blue/black line appears in the display.

I haven't seen any other big issues so far.

  • Dromac

Michael, 16 Jul 2020I upgraded to Android 10.... Sensor light no longer work...... moreIs that the light that turns on while charging

  • Michael

I upgraded to Android 10.... Sensor light no longer work...