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  • Anonymous

is led notification can be multi colored ?

  • Shareef

Mofor, 08 Oct 2020Same issue, my phone microphone stopped workingMicrophone problem some time

Generally this phone is really nice and affordable but battery is kinda weak and camera is slow

  • Pualamnajiz

Mofor, 08 Oct 2020Same issue, my phone microphone stopped workingJust restart the phone

  • Mofor

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2020The microphone stopped working in various apps including Wh... moreSame issue, my phone microphone stopped working

  • Anonymous

Plz indroduce a phone same model nokia 7610

  • Anonymous

cska sofia, 03 Mar 2020Good assembled quality but little bit heavy - probably coz ... moreThe perfect review that I fully agree on it. I have found same issues and positives too. If this mobile would have Gorilla glass and compass sensor it could be just the perfect phone ever. Android 10 with September Security Patch works pretty excelent and fast. I rate 4 stars that device. I miss compass and Gorilla.

can someone give me an opinion of what Nokia should I buy. bc I have 2 choice for budget between 4.2 or 5.1 plus. can someone help which is more benefit?

  • Nokia Fan

Galaxy, 14 Sep 2020Hi Nokia Fan, I think your Nokia phone have those issues. I... moreThanks a lot for your valuable comment

  • Akings

I had this Nexus 6p, it came with Android 8.1, when I tried updating to Android 10, the phone became useless, camera not working, network issues, just had to ditch the phone.

Once you buy a new phone, o advice you just stick to the OS that came with it. You upgrade at your risk.

  • Galaxy

Nokia Fan, 05 Sep 2020I was a big fan of Nokia until I use this phone. Before buy... moreHi Nokia Fan, I think your Nokia phone have those issues. I can give you some better idea because my phone also have some this type of issues.

For your each and every reason i can give some solutions.


01. Don't use the only 4G network for network operator, better to choose 4G/3G/2G all three network type. Normally when you are going to make calls or receiving the SMS the 4G network automatically change in to 3G(UMTS) network or 2G (GSM) network. so better change the network type in Settings. OR change your sim card with same number ( go to the network operator and tell the issue and get the new sim card for same number).

02. Check your phone whether any dust is cover your mic area. OR check the all volume status (ring volume, application volume , media volume , call volume) in Settings.

03. If the phone switch off suddenly then may be so many reasons are available
1. are you using any tight phone cover (any leather cover or any hard transparent cover).
2. check your mobile any damages in phone corner edges (near the power button).
3. are you playing any high graphics games.
4. are you using any mobile internet security (it's better to use the any mobile internet security for your device). If you are using then run the deep full scan and check any malware were installed automatically.
5. full charge your phone and check whether the issue is still you have or not (better switch off the phone and charge fully).
6. check any background apps are running in your phone.
7. better clear the phone cache after every system updates (Monthly updates), may be some files can be crash with your system file.
8. don't keep your mobile phone in direct sunlight or very cool place. keep at least the average temperature place (bed , inside room table , or with your pocket).
9. Don't keep your device near the Electronic items (TV , Computer , Microwave oven , Radio).

4. First you reset your router and again delete the WiFi settings in your phone and restart your phone and connect your phone with your router. If your router is using by more than 5 members then your WiFi speed will be slow. OR keep your Router in high signal area in your place. Signal is measure by dbm. easily you can check the signal strength by your mobile phone. are you using the same network operator for your phone and router connection. if it's same then speed is ok. if it's different then check your network operator for increase the speed (20Hz or 40Hz or 80Hz). better to use the 5GHz router instead of 2.4GHz router.

5. Better factory reset your phone and check the issuse is still or not.

Note : Guys , if any one have any issues please help them in proper way and don't irritate them.

  • Nokia Fan

Investigator, 08 Sep 2020You have either 1. damaged your phone or 2. installed malwa... moreHow do u say I am lying? Did u see my phone? Although ur unit is fine it doesn't mean all the units should. There are faulty ones too. Check out the other comments here. Many of them have similar issues. Mic issue is the most common among them.

Too old at this point. Wait for 4.3 or buy 5.3 (getting very good reviews).
4.2's build and design is Very Good at this price! Has NFC. But microphone creates low sound and there may be network calling problem after upgrade to 10. You'll also probably miss fast charging. Buy 5.3.

  • Investigator

Nokia Fan, 05 Sep 2020I was a big fan of Nokia until I use this phone. Before buy... moreYou have either 1. damaged your phone or 2. installed malware on it.

The Nokia 4.2 works fine, or they wouldn't be selling it. Stop lying.

  • Nokia Fan

I was a big fan of Nokia until I use this phone. Before buying I saw some negative comments about this phone but still I bought this because I trusted Nokia. I am not a heavy user I dont play games, dont take many photos. I use this for mostly social media, web browsing and to watch videos. So I thought this phone won't be a bad choice for my needs.
But after using this for 3 months I have started to hate nokia. A FAN BOY BECAME A HATER.

Reasons :

1. No matter how expensive/cheap a phone is, the very first thing we do in a phone is take calls. So there must be no issues in calling and messaging. But in this phone I am not recieving calls/messages. I have to restart the phone to get back to normal. This happens 2,3 times a day.

2. Mic is not working properly. I have to talk loudly to hear. And I have to restart the phone before sending whatsapp voice messages. Otherwise it wont work.

3. Phone is getting switched off suddenly sometimes.

4. It takes time to connect to the wifi router no matter how close I am to the router.

5. Sometimes a black mark appears in the display.

  • Anonymous

Bad mobile network calling

  • Sheik

Worst mobile i have ever met. Nokia deos not have its own applications. If you want to open your gallery it takes minimum 1 hour. At the end you will get distracted. All the google product app occupied more momory space.

It does not have its own basic applications.πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  • yuok

Kamrul, 21 Aug 2020Thanks for your information...I think you are rightthis phone is very stupid, battery discharges quickly from 100 to 50%. it freezes frequently

  • animus

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2020The microphone stopped working in various apps including Wh... morefirst update of Android 10, my phone facing some issues : microphone & network. then a week ago it's notified that phone receive another update of Android 10 ( i think it's for problem fixing). as the update done, microphone are doing well, for video, WA voicenote. but just after few hours later, the microphone are problem again. does anyone have same problem?

Quite good phone for this price range. It has NFC which is a flagship feature, along with a premium and stylish look. I personally suggest this one for those who needs entry level phone.