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  • DeAgostini.

Hi there! I have this phone 1 year. It's very nice and work fine. As an old fan of classic Nokia phones is keeping to satisfy me.
The only problem I have is the "HD voice" is not working after pie update. Someone knows something about this.

  • Vijay

Nokia phones are very worst phones, while I attached my phone to sound system, it got damaged, it is not working and when I went to nokia care, they told me that motherboard is damaged and it is cost rs 8000, so worst experience.

  • EhsanJafari

this cellphone is great in its own price... thanks HMD Global for saving Nokia.

  • Irishpog

May security update brings digital wellbeing app to Nokia 5. Haven't seen any other software improvements yet

  • Sunny

Nokia 5 mobile is best for cloths iron.... Why bcz the phone temperature is above 46 degrees any time.,so it's best for iron clothes

  • Millan

Google security patch 2019-03 available for nokia 5

  • Mike

I'm not entirely satisfied with this phone, though I can't honestly remember a phone that worked flawlessly for me. I have to say that I never had a real high-end phone. With Android 9, the phone got a great feature that you lose all your fingerprints if your phone dies due to low battery. This has happened to me twice now. Xiaomi note 4 that I had before was noticeably better machine, running better and having better user interface (clean android actually sucks and you need a launcher anyway for customization and faster shortcuts etc).

  • Anonymous

mma5788, 11 Apr 2019Will Nokia 5 gets na update on newest Android Q? What do you guy... moreIt won't. Most android phones receive 2 new android versions (I.e A phone could have android 7.0 and would have 8.0 and 9.0 but no 10.0) it will only get security updates after that second version of android.

  • Gill

please dont buy nokia phone | i wasted my money for this shit phone this phone suffering in every application like instagram when you put video story camera will slow down and lagging on every movement

  • Ferbus

mma5788, 11 Apr 2019Will Nokia 5 gets na update on newest Android Q? What do you guy... moreI dont think so

  • mma5788

Will Nokia 5 gets na update on newest Android Q? What do you guys think?

  • Adeel

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2019Hi. My Nokia 5 sound is completely gone after upgrading to Andr... moreHi bro , iam also facing almost same like your issue with my Nokia 5 after updating to 9.0 , my mobile lost almost 70% of its sounds.

  • Anonymous

My Nokia 5 gets heated frequently very often. What might be the problem please

  • Anonymous

I bought it in 1st week of September 2017 in emergency when my Nexus 5X broke down.

So far no hardware issues experienced.
Few issues with some apps like Amazon : It becomes unresponsive for a second or so.
And after almost 1.5 years of usage, now running out of storage space. Apps are taking too much space - but that's a not a phone specific issue it could happen on any device.

Nexus 5X was ~600$ when I bought it. This phone was around 180-200$ when I bought it.
So good phone for this price range..serves the purpose of a simple smart phone.. nothing fancy. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.

  • Adu

The latest battery hmd used for Nokia 5, is not the usual Nokia battery. My Nokia 5 just one year and some months, the battery have swollen up and cracked edge of the torch screen. Nokia support centre is far and l need people advice. Hmd please look into this battery issues, especially phones sent to west Africa, Nigeria in particular.

  • anand kumar

worst mobile experiance with nokia 5 i complaint many time for changeging loud service centre controler told me submit ur mobile for at least 20 days than i could do something..and by the way my mobile is out of order in warrranty period..iwill never suggest to any one for buying nokia product and allready i have done for many of my friend

  • Anonymous

Soysoy, 24 Mar 2019Battery its easy to be drained i have to charge my phone twice a... moreI wanna know, what kind of bugs that happened on Nokia 5 Pie? Because I planned to buy this phone, or any other phone with similar with this specs?

  • Soysoy

Battery its easy to be drained i have to charge my phone twice a day and can you pls fix this in the next update im on 9.0 right now so dix this next update im wanting for your kind cooperation thnk you

  • DamDam

I would never recommend anyone to buy Nokia 5. This is a shit phone I have ever use in 20 years of my life using a cell phone. DO NOT BUY IT YOU'LL BE WAISTING YOUR MONEY. It's android is worse, I sometimes feel like throwing it against the wall and crushed it. Application keeps on closing whilst you busy on it. It's BAD BAD BAD..........

  • Niku

1234, 14 Mar 2019Don't buy this phone. This a damn shit!!!! Getting slower and sl... moreI think you are playing pubg on nokia 5 with high graphics? This nokia phone is meant for daily use not for gaming. You should buy nokia 6.1 plus or nokia 7.1 plus for that... Nokia is awesome and always will be