Nokia 5000

Nokia 5000

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  • Sandy

Pls upgrade s40 7th editn soft

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2018It supports WAV files, but only in ADPCM format.WAV files only in Intel (IMA) ADPCM format.

  • Anonymous

It supports WAV files, but only in ADPCM format.

It has the same pre-installed games, same alert tones, same user interface, same camera, same display (in both screen size and resolution) and same MIDI soundfont as the Nokia 7100 Supernova.

  • Anonymous

Nokia 5000 can record only 3GP videos at resolution of 128x96 pixels.
It doesn't support WAV and M4A files, but can accept only MP3, AAC, AMR and 3GP files.

  • Anonymous

The Nokia 5000 has a 2.5 mm earphone jack, as well as the other Nokia feature phones of that time.

  • Praveen

Nice mobile phone

  • salman

Why the timing of the message receipt is not showing up correctly ???

  • rajavel

TyTN, 10 Jul 2008 Tell me, do you need a memory card to make a phone call? ... moreWhich place pout tha memorycard

  • Anonymous

techie_girl, 09 Dec 2013ic annot believe that im seeing so much negative comments a... moreThis phone it's amazing,2G but surfs like a 3G ,i like that.

  • roderick

cant get my email,says offline

  • lomas

Please help me. I have some message in inbox of nokia n 5000. I want to print them out, because very important. My

  • techie_girl

ic annot believe that im seeing so much negative comments about this phone ... IT'S A 2G PHONE FOR PETE'S SAKE!!! compared to all the phones that have the same specs as this one, this phone is outstanding! plus that fact that this phone is operating on a 2G network alone, i don't think you will have any issues with the coverage as much as people are experiencing with their oh-so-modern smart phones. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT COMPARE THIS PHONE TO A SMARTPHONE. If you people are such smart alecs, you should have the COMMON SENSE not to use this phone for apps and internet .. ghad ... stahp

  • techie_girl

Nutty boy, 02 May 2013This is the wost phone iv ever use i tried to change my pas... morei don't think thatthat issue is a hardware problem .. more like a user issue .. haha

  • samsung

I have used Nokia phones since 1999 till go this type of phone Nokia-d since 2006 up to now and it has given me satisfaction that i never want to live change to any other type.its really strong even though it drops.

  • Raj26

My old phn, but I lost it...Its a nice phone... I use dis phn approx 2 years with no problem...

  • Nutty boy

This is the wost phone iv ever use i tried to change my password and it got locked 4 gud whts evn wors it tht its stil lockd evn this day and it gave it self a new passwrd tht i dnt evn knw

  • allan.soulja.kid

this i s a crapped up sucks at everything.if you open an application it says an error hell with this phone

  • KT

This is the worst Nokia I ever have, I have more problems with this than with any other Nokia phone, don't know why Nokia put this phone on the market, this is plain rubbish and to think I must sit with this for another year.

  • Tash clint

Indeed its a crap...triedt install java bt its damn.