Nokia 5100

Nokia 5100

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  • Pho

Should i buy dis fone now bcause itz cheap, or should i wait 4 a newa model, which is fast, and has improvn shock, and a camera?

  • Anonymous

simple, nothing to be excited about.

  • emu

this is known as the "builders" phone. its suitable for working on building sites etc, very most nokias though. keypads do "die" quite quickly though...only lasted a few months before having to replace the keypad.

  • anto

i ask about picture electrical circuit? Thanks

  • mickey

it's cool, it's smooth, it's everthing i think of. IT'S MY DREAM PHONE

  • zik

good work..

  • lekan jamiu

wha;tr sup hoe are you doing i need this phone urgently and what can you do for me on it am down nhere in nigeria i like the product very beatiful and nice looking

  • sikandar

Dear Sir,
I would like to buy nokia 6600. So pls send me the cheapest price of nokia 6600. I will witing for your answer.

Best regards,

  • Alexander Wolf

Hey Guys,
I like the Nokia 5100 very much.
I am very happy with it, i'll dropped
the phone twice an it's stil working just fine.....

Go and get the 5100 if your are looking for a good shockproof phone!!!!

Greetzzzzzzzz alex

  • Nesha

This is supposed to be the 'drop proof' phone. I'd venture to say that ALL Nokias are drop proof to a point. I had a 5120 that I dropped on a daily basis & to this day, 5 years later, it still turns on & works perfectly(though it no longer has service). Nokia phones are tough which is why I love them. Plus if you fuck up the outside you can just get a new faceplate.

  • juanelo

Hey fellas, for those who have one, how's the reception??? its ok like all the nokias??? tell me

  • Predeleanu Daniel

The phone broke from 2 meters and also the signal was off.I repaired it but I don't know if it will work and for how long.

  • Daniel Predeleanu

By the way,where is the infrared port on 5100.I couldn't find it....Thanks

  • NuG

Not a very good phone, the reception quality is terrible, great protection but the worse phone Nokia has ever brought out, I've never heard more people complain about a phone, definately a waste of money.

  • Guy

Avant garde design mobile, pull attention everywhere, very firm and durable, unique functions and character. Not common (Great!). It's a classics.

Though, It has a dreadful key pad (specially the SND and ENE keys)- it would be difficult to answer your calls many times. Too big and FAT. The Nokia Pop-Port design is a tragedy- it's a nightmare to connect a hands free specially when you are driving. Very difficult to turn On/Off! (Can't you Nokia make a rubber button softer and it's move a half millimeter shorter (longer/closer inside)???

Through, it's very special phone. I like it, but it could be much better with a small (but critical) changes.

  • it mes

bad keys

  • sheister

This phone is the most durable out in the market besides phones from nextel. You could drop it off of a building and it would bounce back to you in perfect working order. Not to mention it is waterproof. It also has a halogen flashlight which has come in handy many times. Battery life is very good. There are no other phones with these options.

  • Wobert

Not a bad phone overall. But headset comes adrift too easily. It makes my ear sore if NOT using headset. The keys can be awkward to press at times. Would prefer a 3510i. Or I think I would

  • Ron Hyatt

Good luck with the poor 720 mAh battery,the average reception ,the low quality/high volume call quality,the VERY poor 4 chord polyphonic tones and the amazing freeze that happens with using GPRS!!!.
No more Nokias,i`ve had enough:)

  • Corn

Nokia 5100 is really great!!!
It has all I need!!!!!