Nokia 5210

Nokia 5210

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  • alex

still have it and using it tho the battery and the casing is bad

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2010Please mhone battery is always running down in less than 17... moreit might be the battery (sorry for late reply)

  • sdd

Catherine the Great, 14 Sep 2018It's really rare to even find one broken!I will add pne today, but it is for parts.

It's really rare to even find one broken!

  • kid kulafu

will buy one this weekend. ^___^
toughest nokia phone i've used...

  • heroine22

this is the phone that im using when I was in high school texting my first love :)

  • AnonD-519850

the strength is over 9000

  • Anonymous

my favorite phone........i love this phone

  • masteryoda

AnonD-567112, 01 Aug 2016The most toughest (old) mobile phone. Nokia 5210 is now bec... morehow much damage are we talkin about here?

  • hari

good service this phone

  • mingming

I love this phone. yee?

  • AnonD-567112

The most toughest (old) mobile phone. Nokia 5210 is now becoming rare. The 5210e (made in Gemany) with the arabic fix is even more rare. No camera, no GPS, no bluetooth, and no 3G data makes this mobile phone unhackable! no precise location can be detected only by the nearest transponder where it has been connected last. I can imagine in the future that celebrities and high officials will be wanting to use these mobile phones for sinful acts lol. I so want one of these :-(

  • gylgamesh of uruk

Solid cell phone, survives a drop on almost any surface, has no issues with a bit of moisture, heat or dust and you can still get original NOKIA batteries, cases and other parts for it.

Having only GSM cell bands is not such a big disadvantage for voice calls and texts messages (SMS).

I got mine new for free when I extended my cell plan in 2004 and I am glad that I kept it, because I am back to using it again now. :-)

  • Anonymous

Still use as my primary mobile phone.

  • Basho

Still using the first one I bought , and I'm sure it was before 2002. WTF can't phone manufacturers make super durable rugged voice/text ONLY (with camera) and long long battery life that does nothing else but performs those functions flawlessly under extreme conditions ??

  • Abhi

Looks very good. If only screen had more ppi I would consider buying it for my uncle...

  • louanneFilipina

this was my first ever handy phone, until now its working, i got this model year 2006 when i was in first yr high school, this phone is very durable, two thumbs up for this phone Good job NOKIA! =)

  • UserSouthAfrica

Anyone remember them being scented?? The covers smelled sooooo good! As well as the strapn that came with it!

  • Roger

i love it

It is a great little phone. I put a brand new genuine cover on my 5210, it's blue now and looks cool.
The orange backlight was very sweet that time. Siemens used to have orange displays and Nokia had green displays mostly.
And the coolest feature was the thermometer.