Nokia 5230

Nokia 5230

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This is my first phone. it was really very good. there was no system issues or freezes. I used to download java games with opera browser. I used to play gameloft games. wow what a beautiful times. now the screen of my nokia is broken. just one bad thing is there is not wifi support. sometimes I play java games on android but it is not as fun as when I play with this phone.

  • El charpo

I used the for two years until it was stole from me in year 2014. I like it speaker sound and it durability.

  • Eshwar Bg

This is one the best phones I ever have. Still works like day 1. I have used it for over 8 years and still functions good. !

  • Nokia fan

my phone still works after so many years
it's all original from the factory

  • jevin

i really liked this phone but unfortunately it broke😔

  • Milan Srbija

32gb work without problem i used one as mp3 player without sim card.

I used this phone some years ago. Nokia touch screen phone that I like it.

  • Anonymous

it would be the best phone if it has wlan (wifi) feature.

lol, 20 Mar 2018android was just betterI know but how did this phone sell a lot? You didn't answer my question.

  • lol

i..O.U.F.A, 24 Sep 2017How come this phone sold a lot but the OS was not as popula... moreandroid was just better

How come this phone sold a lot but the OS was not as popular as Android?

  • AnonD-674520

I BROUGHT NOKIA 5230 .I inserted the simcard of Vodafone properly.but phone shows the contacts and Vodafone services not network coverage .I tried to search network but it shows network errors.I enter the code 12345 in reset my phone.but its error. Plz answer me why my phone dont show network coverage in full networking area? Plz tell me

  • AnonD-327237

foxEmery, 21 Nov 2016i have this phone since 2012.and was my first touch screen ... moreMe and my daughter had one we surfed Internet every day using opera mini

  • Cee Cee

I think this phone was recalled sometime in 2013 dose anyone know when?and where I can find that site?

  • LMAO

visar kryeziu , 30 Sep 2015this phone is........AAAAAAWWWWWWEEEESSSOOOOOMMMMMEEE i use... morethis phone was released 8 years ago.. jesus is that u?

  • Your Ex-couple

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2015So boring. We ca'nt use wifi. We ca'nt watch vedio on youtu... moreHaha.if you want use that function why not use N95.I still watch youtube with my N95 with via TV-OUT.i have s5 but i like N95 with 3.5g youtube via opera mini.But symbian app has expired date too...hahaha.

  • Anonymous

Tondu, 16 Feb 2017Was awesome phone back in the day. Served me since 2011 wit... moreYou can buy a new battery on amazon :)

  • Tondu

Was awesome phone back in the day. Served me since 2011 with original battery, what now finally died on me. So time to move on :), if only the battery had lasted while longer until the new nokia's are out.When MS took over they closed the ovi and browsing with it was very slow to modern standards.It worked great for what it was used ,mainly calling and listening music :)

  • foxEmery

i have this phone since 2012.and was my first touch screen phone.this has great picture quality but i can't surf in the internet.

  • ahmed umair

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2016My mobile ovi store is not running.whymine also