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I bought this in a bootloop for three dollars, only with flashing it can return to normal

  • Anonymous

Mado of Egypt, 16 Oct 2020Good for you. Great phone in its time and even not bad for ... morefrom amazon.....

  • Mado of Egypt

d virli, 02 Feb 2019got new one...3rd 603Good for you. Great phone in its time and even not bad for nowadays. But where did you find a new one in 2019?

  • d virli

got new one...3rd 603

  • Sal66

the display is clear in direct sun light you can see the words and pictures very clearly ,good phone and very stable OS . NFC AND COMPASS support.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-161875, 29 Oct 2017I like your remarks! I am owner of Nokia 808. What is ot... moreOTG stand for ( on the go ) it is usb port for usb flash drive connect to phone

  • AnonD-161875

Kumar , 13 Jan 2017Unconditional love is what i get from this phone ever since... moreI like your remarks! I am owner of Nokia 808.

What is otg? Please inform me. Thanks

  • Kumar

Unconditional love is what i get from this phone ever since i am using it, it has some innovative technology like otg and joikuspot which will put todays smarties to shame and i didnt even start with clear back display and amazing battery life!just love nokia since time immemorial.

  • uvajele pattajaetha


  • AnonD-590249

I bought Nokia 603 for 130 EUR 22 months ago made by Hungary. This smartphone is just not good enough for everything it offers to use. Read below for deep experience.
3,5" display is good, scratch-resistant glass. I recently broke it with the keys so the cracks spread out and the glass falls out. Touchscreen is responsive though.
I use 32GB SD card for music. 340 MB user available, actually it is 357MB Phone memory. 1 GB ROM, actually it is 1613MB Mass memory.
5 MP fixed camera is horrible. You can easily recognize faces or environment on the picture, even 720p video is able to watch but it does not deliver detail. It looks like shooting through the water.
FM Radio is available with official headphones but they broke apart in just first few months.
1300mAh battery is probably the best thing about the device. It survives for 2 days, when not used much, it is for 4 days, if I do not use the mobile at all it just is able to stay alive for 7 days.
Now comes only the bad about it. The speaker is so silent, you have no way you can hear it at the street when having it in the pocket. Red button (cancel call) sometimes does not respond so I have to manually take out the battery of the phone to restart. It lags much when browsing internet. It is slow at loading up the websites. The OS does not support a lot of new features, your Web browser is useless when you want to visit more complicated site. It closes Web browser automatically when it is too much lagged or can not handle the pressure. You can multitask the Web in 6 lists.
Overally, the phone is not functioning well either for its weak processor together with little RAM and available user offered memory or for the OS not supporting a lot of nowadays features. This is just basic phone for calling.

  • Anonymous

nokia 603 it don't want to update my software...what should i do

  • Anonymous

I wanted to know how to install apps using Nokia 603 e.g watsapp

  • Anonymous

I got this phone for my bae... My lovely gf uses this phone and she loves it and loves me more even though she doesn't say it to me I know she does.. It's quick in almost everything and now we chat like always

  • Anonymous

Fahim, 28 Apr 2016I also use Nokia 603. Really this is user friendly but now ... moreIt cannot be solved. Ovi store has been closed and in replacament they the old nokia symbian users with opera store full of shit! Miss those old Nokia days!

  • Anonymous

dan, 18 Nov 2015does it have a camera flash or flash light to snap with at night?am using it... Flash has no problem you have to buy external flashing which costing just rs 150 more lighting than mobile flash

  • tobermorite

I've been using this phone for almost 4 years.. it has several issue such as lagging and compatibility but i still use it. I don't even need screen protector yet the screen remains clear like new. with all those android phones around, i still love my 603

  • Fahim

I also use Nokia 603. Really this is user friendly but now my E-mail ID don't taken I don't open Nokia Store. When i want to open it this Opera Store replace of Nokia Store.
Why can i solve this?

  • Tariq

I used this cell almost 5 years . One of best phone i ever used. Battery timing gr8. User friendly.

  • Anonymous

Best phone...using ot for four years. The thing i love about this phone is battery backup. If put in powersaver mode lasts easily for 4-5 days. And then mobile OS. sadly forsaken. Wish nokia would revive it.

  • Jaiydee

I love symbian.........................still............................
still using 603....................