Nokia 6030

Nokia 6030

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2009this phone has been the most durable phone i have ever had. batt... morethanks for thie info on the 6030. i have always heard good things about it and will be buying one now that i read such positive reviews on it. i don't think however it could be to comforable to use as a pillow?!

  • Anonymous

this phone has been the most durable phone i have ever had. battery last for a least three days with continuos use. kind of hard to hold with shoulder to ear hands free but otherwise a kick ass product.

  • niloy

guys, there is on mp3 player...

  • Anonymous

i had this phone for 2 years. i hate it. the only good thing about it is its long battery life and fun applications. bad points are aplenty. it looks ugly, has no camera, bluetooth, music, internet, games. im so glad i got a walkman phone now, which is a million times better.

  • Adnan

this is simply superb....... i just love it...... it has fallen in hot water and also from 1st and 2nd floors but still it's working fine...... it has good battery too, still it can stand for 3 days after going through lot of pain from me..... ;) i may seem a lil irresponsible, but it happens... ;) except for music and cam, this phone is superb.....!!!!! paisa vasool...!!! :)

  • sandeep

This phone is queit great it had fallen in to water for atleast 2 minute but still it was in working condition ya really its batery is too great last fo 3 days...

  • jake

Bought this phone in 2005. Great phone....looks are good, battery life very good. And quality too....this phone has taken a beating in the gym, sweat, dropped it countless times. Still works fine. If ur looking for just a phone with text messaging and some download abilty this is a good phone. True....if it had a cam it would be great. But i still love it anyway. If u want music ...i bought an MP3 player....for my pics i have a good camera. is basic with good reception and good sound.
I still use it as my primary phone!!

  • Anonymous

this phone its still working after it fell down from first floor twice..

  • K

Used to own this phone - definitely my favorite. Haven't seen its equal since.

  • gee

i have this phone for past 2 years, but i lost the headset in last month, so i need the new one can any one tell, where i can buy the same original double speaker headset?. because i did find only the single side speaker headset only Rs. 350 something. please help me to buy the headset.

thank you.

  • Hkcuong

I'm using a 6030. I had it in late 2005. I like it glossy black color but it is NOT my ideal phone. Once, I accidentally dropped it from a height of about 1.5m and it leave a blue vertical line on the phone. Maybe I will replace it with a new one

  • Paige

I STILL have this phone, haha. Had it since 2005; dropped it in several toilets, and from high distances, and it still works perfectly. It's so scratched up you can barely read "nokia" anymore. It doesn't have any special features, but if your looking for a phone that you can rely on, here it is. It gets the job done.

  • ska unsri

Such an amazing n 'immortal' phone..
i've bought it since june 2009,and dropped it for several(s)times :) but you know, it was such very strong..
In order of its cheap price,its perform was so great..

* all java games supported
* internet-u can download any image,tones, or games easily
* edit image
* MIDi ringtone

too good 4 its price..

  • sri

I m using this phone since 2006, it is a really durable phone. easy to use, simple yet elegant! The battery wow! Very, very good phone and will be using it for many more years to come.

  • leda

Will this phone allow me to use the international call service? I am in europe and unable to make calls out. WHY? I was told by a rep I could. I dial +001 and my area code and number in the USA, but it doesnt work! frustrating! Is my phone too old?

  • J.R.

I used to have only Nokia phones. However I then went to motorola, which are good phones. But, when my latest motorola started going out my daughter remembered she had one of the Nokia 6030 that she had gotten free with a contract a while back and gave it to me. I love it even though it doesn't have a camara or bluetooth capability. It has better signal than the motorolas, samsung, and the newer Nokias and where I live that is a must. I live in the boonies of Arkansas.

  • Hugo Knight

This was a great phone... Really kool.. Had it in 2006

  • ZAIN

this phone is very good

  • akash

when i copy some names from phone to sim,after copy my phone memory is protected then how to unprotected

  • emily

When i had it in 2007 according to my needs and what i wanted at that moment in time it was the best phone i've ever had (even up till now). But unfortunately i didnt had it for long - it got stolen; some crazy fella grab it straight out of my hands in the bus stop one evening. I re3ported it to the police straight away, but... :(