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  • Julian

hi, can anyone help me out here?? I just bought a 6060 after losing my other phone. now... i got a mp3 ringtone through jamster and they send me it and i go to retrieve it and it says 'subscribe to packet data first'.. it also says that when i try to get on the net with it. i rang my service provider and followed their instructions and still not working. HELP ME PLEASE

  • tom

hi, would you guy please tell me where or website that i can buy data cable for this phone? thanks.

  • Nathan

Hi I got Nokia data cable for 6060 and its workin well but the software im using does not support sms and mms facility it just supports all multimedia features like editing and adding pictures and ringtones Mp3s etc., but nokia pc suit doesnot support this model. does anyone know which software supports nokia 6060 to send and receive sms and mms thru PC.

  • Alam

Dear All, I need to send a SMS to 14 people. Previously I sued to do it trhough group SMS of SIEMENS A62. How can I do this with 6060. I have tried but failed to make any group SMS through 6060. Is there any way out???

  • user303

Any news on connecting a mini usb 4pin cable?

Will this work?

  • Regie

Hello fellas! For those who think that this cellphone is sick to have, why don't you buy other phones like N series phone and whatsoever! They have bluetooth stuff and everything you want for a phone. The NOKIA 6060 is a basic phone, you know. If you thought that this have bluetooth, its better to have a research first before buying! Ei stop smoking, will ya! Peace!

  • chetan

hi there if you want this mobile it is very good looking the only thing is this doesnot have a bluetooth or inf, but it is very handy you it can fit any where i hope they can fit a camera and memory,bluetooth that could be the best mobile ever

  • Lindi


Things are just stuck inside the phone with a lot of memory on it.
The batery is...or maybe ISN'T :o( baaad )o:

I like the design, it goes with my car enterior (that's why I bought it).


  • Regie

Nin Hao! Am back, you can find cables from your nearest cellphone or electronic stores. By the way, am here in China and I've bought the USB cable just this weekend for 60 RMB (Yuan) Very cheap. It comes with an installer for the USB driver and the NOKIA 6060 Mobile GUI support. Just show your 6060 phone to the techy guy and point to the USB port located at the bottom of it beside the earphone jack and charger socket! Hope this helps! Have downloaded some pics and tones already in my Phone! Enjoy! :)

  • akeem

to jamie: there is a data cable tu transfer file. i've already done that..and it works very well..

  • Jamie

Paulo: To increase the volume, just press the right navigation key during a call.

I bought the phone and I'm pretty pissed off with it. It's sexy as hell, but the only way to transfer stuff into it is through sms (no data cable, infrared, bluetooth).

  • Andzej

krc cbb lt rulez

  • al

Paulo Carniero, i had the same problem. While u r making a call or receiving one, adjust the volume button to max using the arrow keys. This will solve your problem. Surprisingly, Nokia ignored to mention this in the manual. Also check the previous replies on this forum and u will find the answer. Ciao

  • Donovan

Hello all! Donovan here from Singapore! How's the Nokia 6060? When I first saw it in Sept last year, I fell in love with it instantly! I love the design! As for the performance... How's it guys? I am looking for a normal flip phone(no camera)!

  • Paulo Carneiro

I have just bought a Nokia 6060 and I have problems with the volume of speaker's voice. I could not find in the manual any information on how to increase the volume. Can anybody help em on that?

  • dazza

Hi considering buying this phone but would like to know exactly what data cable i need to buy to connect to phone to download pics from my p.c to the phone . Can anyone help me please

  • Regie

Hello all! I've got my new Nokia 6060 just a week ago. It's a very nice phone and I like it very much. Its simple and yet elegant. Im an IT guy and hope this helps for those who seek more features.In my own opinion, nokia did not mention the USB cable because they think its much better for users to concentrate on WAP, right? And why WAP, because it charge WAP users lots bucks out of it. This USB cable is working as some suggested already. For those who want bluetooth technology, think again. Because this technology could cause your phone trouble at times when you use it. Like virus don't you think? :) Have a nice time with your phones! Nokia 6060 is the best basic phone so far! Ciao!

  • girl_friday

I live in USA, have the Nokia 6061 looks identical to 6060 will cable work??

  • akeem

i think this phone is great. it doesnt have camera nor bluetooth just because of the price. if u want phone with all those stuff just buy an expensive one.damn stupid people that want a cheap phone but having all those camera n bluetooth..

i bought the data cable already. here in Malaysia cost bout RM50 = A$17 = US$15. i hope i can help a lot of people regarding to the data cable.

  • Dean

Ok sam first you need the cable you can find it on ebay that includes all the instructions + a installation driver disc
heres the URL:­-for-Nokia-1600-1110-6030-6060_W0QQitemZ97017561­14QQcategoryZ42407QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZV­iewItem

The Cable is a 4pin 6 cable its kind of like a firewire cable but smaller.
it wont reck your Phone if you have the installation disc which is bundled in with the cable

you should see a little hole which is right next to the eirpeice socket Hope that helps

Thanks for asking

if you need anything just ask on this forum i'd probably answer nearly all your questions related to The Stylish Nokia 6060