Nokia 6060

Nokia 6060

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  • Equ

+ Great phone for a reasonable price. (~130€)
+ User friendly (like most nokia phones)
+ Cool design

- Memory size (2.4mb)
- Battery life (not bad but could be better)
- the antenna (doesn't look too bad and seems to be quite durable)

  • sasa

It'd be much appreciated if anyone could tell me or mail me how to sync contacts or upload images for nokia 6060 from Mac. I saw similar subjects had been posted for PC, but didnt see any reply. Thanks in advance.

  • Diva

This is a cool phone. i bought it just now and this is all that is required not a hi fi phone with features that we do not use in our day to day life.. cool phone nokia

  • muddassir

hi everyone ..i need to know how to upload mp3 into the 6060 nokia phone ..can anyone help ?.see ya bubye

  • gaz87

i think this h/s looks sweet as a nut, i've got a 6680 which has loads of features but is massive and when i go out it looks like i've got a lump of wood in my pocket. this phone is small, cool and easy to use. just what i need!!!!!!!! yo yo yo dudes!!!!

  • florin

First about the menu layout push menu button and then in the right bottom corner u have options after pressing optinons u have main menu view grid or list; the other answer to u're question is that after some period of inactivity the screensaver kicks in u can change the type of screensaver from the phone menu

  • Petru

Even if it is newer then Philips 330, it's not as good.
Pro Nokia:
- design
- Java
- color display
Cons Nokia:
- batery doen't last as Philips 330
- size: bigger then Philips 330

  • mNok

I have purchased this phone recently and it is all good ,I wished there were more plain phones out like this one without extra options ; besides,can anyone help me with this: first how to change the layout of menu and then, when the screen light goes off after sometime the text is no more visible , how to fix this ,no mention in the manual.

  • Anonymous

this fone n eeds to lose weight

  • florin

During the call push the right button from the navy many times until on the screen it will show the earpice volume. ps RTFM

  • Zha

Hi Guy, i'm having a big problem with this phone. I can hardly hear the caller's voice through the phone. The volume is very low, i can't find anywhere to adjust it. I have to push the phone against my ear very hard, but still can't hear much! ( I don't have hearing problem if you are wondering..:-)

Any ideas?

  • takido

this is so cool the graphic is the bomb and it's cheap i must say this is the best phone i ever had in my life

  • tucker

Fully sick in my opinion but a day after i bought it, i pushed the start button and it brew up it's cheap i think i understand

  • Kate

Sub display screen quality is low. Smiley/character faces look very boxy. It is also expensive to download MP3 tunes from then net (old system). Other mobile phones users cannot share MP3 tunes with you either.

  • holly

The picture quality is pretty low - not even VGA.

  • florin

I read all opinions that the users post it about this phone, most of those people are talking because they have nothing else to do…why? I bought this phone mainly because the design is incredible (in my opinion) the features are very good at this price 150 $ in Romania…at excuse me that user that post the information about how to make the earpiece sound louder is incredible stupid --> RTFM…so I love this phone 1 tip I have for the users of 6060 despite is li-io make a full charge and then wait until is empty and recharge it again do this 2-3 times so that the battery will reach full performance…Good luck and a Happy New Year..

  • amirul

Quite too.but the problem in malaysia is the phone is hard to find to download all mp3 songs?

  • tripoli

hi great phone in my opinion but i dropped it last week. anyone know of a site where i could buy replacement facia/casing?


  • Kunal Swaroop

Can i connect to internet (GPRS) via computer using DialUp Networking

  • Adi

Incredible phone!I bought one 2 weeks ago and it's worth every penny!Battery life is a week, nice simple menu...what can i say, i keep finding things that i like about it every day!Awesome phone!