Nokia 6070

Nokia 6070

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my second phone after nokia 3310...bought in 2007.... days were nostalgic when nokia was the leading company and played games like snake,canal control and 6070 contained 2-3 themes and a set of wallpapers like gold fish,golden years etc.Though using an iPhone,i'm always fanatic about symbian,n95 .......

  • Prasad

Jatin, 16 Jul 2018First phone in my house. Many happy memories attached with this ... moreThe game was called Canal control, other two were Glamour pinball and Snake.
I still remember their music to this date.

  • Jatin

First phone in my house. Many happy memories attached with this phone. Purchased in 2006 and used till 2016. Simple , elegant and effective. Even loved the pre-installed games. If I remember correctly then there was pre-installed game called pipes.

  • Elsever (Azerbaijan)

Very nice and simple phone

  • Anonymous

By mistake i enter pin code and now my phone shows YOUR SIM CARD IS REJECTED , now what should I DO now to restart my SIM CARD......
1) I was went in settings
2) then in security
3) I go IN PIN code request & I enter code 12345678
Then my phone start showing SIM CARD IS REJECTED....
PLEASE help me...

  • jeeva

nice mobile, my first cam mobile.................

  • AnonD-647926

This phone I purchased in 2009 and I still use it as standby phone whenever my android phone gets into problems. Not a single problem I had with it so far, still working fine.

  • Andrea

How do I unlock it? I can't remember the security password. anybody knows?

  • AnonD-591920

My first Nokia phone

  • AnonD-582381

I had this phone since it was new. It was quite fun, but then later I had sold it to uncle. He still has it, pretty beaten up now, but still works perfectly. This model is just simply plainly indestructible.

  • Anonymous

back in the days people knew what good phones they all basically look the same.
i still have this phone and i think it is a lot better than my samsung. i also have an n gage

  • AnonD-447146

meowlee, 06 Aug 2015my first phone. i got this phone in 2012, secondhand set from my... moreI'm so glad that you appreciated your phone.
Back in that day, I was feel ashamed because I still owned and used this phone, and I'd rather left this phone at my home than brought it to my school because all of my friends already used blackberry and iphone, so my parents bought me a brand new android phone.
How stupid I was, sorry mom and dad...

  • AnonD-447146

My first phone, I had it in 2006 when I was still in elementary school and used it until 2012 when I changed my device to an android. It's still working until now, though it has many dead pixel because I thought it's a stain and tried to rub it which was caused the dead pixel spreaded.
The camera and the screen is poor, it also have a very low memory that I can only save one mp3 file, so if want to listen another song, I have to deleted the previous one and downloaded a new mp3 file from the browser.

  • Anonymous

I have lost this phone in 2012.

  • Quotero

I still have this phone for everyday use. Every day I use this phone since 2006.

  • rishu

Plz make it. Available again I love ❤ it

  • Anonymous

i love this phone

  • meowlee

my first phone. i got this phone in 2012, secondhand set from my sister. i think my sister bought it in 2008. and the best part, it still working until now. love it so much.

  • nawaz

i like

  • muhammad waqas

I love this pohne its my second set i am using this set 6 years best calling i missing this phone awsome phone no change the battery 6 years