Nokia 6101

Nokia 6101

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  • Teferi

I don't get it - Nokia advertise this as a music phone. But with just 4Mb's of memory for everything and no card slot they have to be kidding. The ad has some girl with headphones and some guy saying "Love your music"

  • mark

rip off

  • mon

who can tell me how to use the built-in-handfree, i can talk without the headset.

  • Syaful

Frankly, this is actually 7270 in new cheaper body. I find external antenna annoy me a lot especially when I have to squeeze it into a jeans pocket. When I sit, I can feel the antenna constantly poking me. Nice girly look. Overall, a budget phone with big features.

  • cristy78

Hi! I'm interested in this phone but please tell me something about the battery stand-by time and something about working with this phone..I think it's a great looking one but I want to be sure it's high quality!Thanx!

  • mike

if this phone records video then how long is it for? is it good quality afterwards when watching? thanx

  • Jeff

i got this phone the day it came into stores and i just love it i was in the store a week before asking for it and i love the blue colors on the key pad

  • Stasha love

My husband is going to buy me this phone and i am soo soo happy because i can use the FM redio at home when i am alone....How happy i am

  • VOOK

Can you Answer the Phone and put it on loudspeaker without opening the Clam Shell?

  • Michael

i just bought one of these phones and i have a small problem with it, i cant seem to get the vibrate to work. Everything is enabled so it should vibrate, but it doesnt!! any help would be greatly appriciated.

  • strscrm

i bought this phone 2 weeks ago... after usage i can say that this is a great deal... a top notch nokia clamshell... although, there are some stuff to have in mind when you buy this:
1.- 3 megs... take about 20-30 pics and the phone will start complaining about memory (no SD)
2.- that black surface at the phone is very finger-print friendly
3.- phone menus a bit slow... nothing to worry about anyhow
4.-if you want to make the phone 'shine' prepare some software to upload wallpapers of your own.... those bundled themes and walls just plain suck
5.- the ring tones played with the highest volume possible arent enough noisy outdoor (6100 was noisy as hell)

i upgrade to 6101 from 6100... and this phone is great

  • Gary

YES, You can use radio while phone is in closed state

  • Irina

one more question here...can you listen to the radio with the hinge closed?

  • Steven

Oh i've got a question here! when i receive file from friends via infared ie recordings, the file format is usually .EXT so i cant use it as my alarm or send a mms with it. how do change the file format? is it possible? or a way to receive the normal format. Am i the only one having this problem?

  • Tauseef

thanks Soldaat .. really appreciate the help ..

  • JIG

I just got the phone yesterday, I love it! However, when I was scrolling through the setting, my screen just froze, the bottoms stop responding and the light turns off. So did my phone break or is this a security lock or whatever... please help

  • Irina

i want to buy this phone in a couple of days. i'm changing my 6230 for it worth it? i really don't need all the big memory 6230 has so i don't think the small one this has should be a problem but i'm kinda used to bluetooth...and i have a question. does this phone have wap?!

  • justine

bought it last aug 13, so far the hinge's doin good, still tight. love it! although the memory's kinda small

  • Soldaat

When ur busy with something in the menu, of typing sms, etc. then closing and opening the phone doesn't change anything It will stay where you left it.

To silence an incoming call, press one of the volume buttons on the left side.

  • Tauseef

hey there .. i have been having this problem .. i cant seem to decide betweern the 6101 and the 6230i ..
i know the later has everything one could want in a phone .. and the former has its flaws ... but it looks amazing ..

i only have a few questions .. first .. is it true that while your in the menu somewhere and you flip the phone closed .. when you flip it back .. are you where you left or are you back in the main menu ??

second ... while your getting a call .. is there anyway to make the phone silent ??? even if it means that we have to open the flip ??? pleSe .. anyone who has the phone ... please let me know .. i really want to buy this phone ...
thanks ..