Nokia 6110

Nokia 6110

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  • Raju Dha


My first mobile.
The snake's great play

  • Daniel

You know why older phones were much better and had a very long life? Because older technology, especially phones/ smartphones were firstly designed at their origin to be endurable and pricey. Today's technology is focused to extremely powerful technology, but with they are made with weak quality materials.Why?Because today every manufacturer wants to sell as much as he can. A resistant device like it was many years ago would be a problem, because it will satisfy the user.A satisfied buyer doesn't need to buy a phone every year, that's why.

ACCESS DENIED, 30 Jul 2001the only thing that brought nokia to the top are the change... moreNowadays there are no phones that have changable fascias.

  • Anonymous

It was my first cell phone,,, What a memories!!

  • Nokialover

1998 > 2009 = 11 years full day use! NUMBER ONE FOR EVER!

  • charlie

welcome to the future young ones

  • Grene Rosa

Ive just bought a 6110 nokia 2nd hand from ebay..getting a txt on this fone just aint like todays I want to hook up my other number to it..for txt and calls..i own a sony xperia z3 compact but wanted my vintage days back 👍☺

  • AnonD-512020

Wonderfull phone, I got 2 of these at home, both of them working.

  • MY nickname is hari

I never use nokia6110 handset but when I saw the handset on the gsm website i feel myself very exited to buy this handset is it ableable now if i want to get this,,,,,,

  • AnonD-457757

first ever phone in my life. crazy of it

  • Anonymous

My first phone in my life. & want to buy it again. if anyone has please contract.

  • Abby

My first phone of life.... Still miss it :(

  • ATG

great old days memories, love this phone.

  • y4es

AnonD-180402, 23 Jan 2015My ex girlfriend Andrea borrowed me that phone when I bough... morecool

  • hi

this is an alright phone, would not recommend these days!

  • AnonD-180402

My ex girlfriend Andrea borrowed me that phone when I bought her Samsung A300. :) It was sometime in 2002. Great phone indeed! From then I changed more than 50 phones, but this one will always have a special place in my heart. Yeah, Andrea too. :)

  • AnonD-322088

Wow this was my first phone, old memories.

  • Shahid

What a Phone

brings good memories of those days when holding a phone in hand was something.

Good memories. Thank you Nokia for connecting people in real manner.

  • sharon

what a phon good network coverage internet speed good