Nokia 6120 classic review: Down-to-earth Symbian

Down-to-earth Symbian

Jaroslav Skrabalek, 31 August 2007.

Shipshape and on-the-dot

There are several applications in the Organizer, calendar the key one, of course. It hasn't changed, which is to say, it's the good old performer. It offers a month, week, and a day view. Four event types are available: meeting, memo, anniversary, and to-do. Meetings can repeat daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or annually. Tasks can be displayed separately and, once accomplished, can be marked as done.

Screenshot0051.jpg Screenshot0052.jpg Screenshot0060.jpg Screenshot0057.jpg
Items withinn the "Organizer" • month, week, and day view of the calendar

Screenshot0054.jpg Screenshot0062.jpg Screenshot0055.jpg Screenshot0064.jpg
To-do settings and an overview of all tasks • memo details

Besides the calendar, here you will also find simple text notes, a unit converter and a calculator, which is too basic for a smartphone. There's also a clock application with several repeated alarm-clocks, and a world time function. The voice recorder has been notably enhanced since the last Nokia smartphone: recordings can now be as long as 60 minutes, which should satisfy 99% of all users.

Screenshot0080.jpg Screenshot0063.jpg Screenshot0065.jpg 
Screenshot0066.jpg Screenshot0067.jpg Screenshot0069.jpg
The practical organizing applications are now in the standard Symbian equipment

The phone features the Quickoffice application for viewing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents; browsing is fast. Text can be zoomed-in and out, as well as searched. However, the basic version of Quickoffice does not include an editing option. A 15-Euro special upgrade will give you editing capability. Nokia 6120 offers an Adobe PDF viewer.

Fun & music: classics are always appreciated

Music performance is excellent. The music player in Nokia 6120 classic departs a bit from the players integrated in the N Series. It plays an enormous amount of formats (AAC, AAC+. eAAC+, MP3, MP4, M4A, WMA, RealAudio 7, 8, 10, True tones, WAV). Album covers can be visualized too. The name of the current track appears beneath the album's image. Songs can be organized in playlists by various criteria. Audio performance can be modified, adjusted to user's preferences thanks to a 4-band equalizer. Bass settings, extended stereo and echo effect are available too.

Screenshot0074.jpg Screenshot0076.jpg Screenshot0077.jpg Screenshot0078.jpg Screenshot0079.jpg
A modified Symbian music player

Many will hail the presence of an FM radio receiver. It lacks RDS, but features Visual Radio on the other hand. The radio offers a total of 50 slots for saving stations. Both the music player and the radio player can be minimized.

Screenshot0070.jpg Screenshot0071.jpg Screenshot0072.jpg Screenshot0073.jpg 
Two more players for more fun - one for flash animations and a RealPlayer. The phone plays all videos in the following formats: 3GPP (H263), H264/AVC, MPEG-4, and RealVideo 7, 8, 9, 10. Videos can be viewed in full-screen mode.

Nokia 6120 classic offers three games: the well-known Marble, the Tetris-look-alike City Bloxx and the HighRoller Casino, which is basically a combination of five very popular card games. All three games are sufficiently entertaining and we highly recommend them. In our case Vodafone had added other 5 game demo versions: Sims 2, Tetris, Asphalt III 3D, Midnight Pool 3D, and Midnight Bowling 3D.

Screenshot0081.jpg Screenshot0082.jpg Screenshot0084.jpg Screenshot0087.jpg
Two of the games: Marble and City Bloxx

In line with the Online

Let's start with the slowest type of connections. CSD is not worth mentioning, but HSCSD is available, because there might still be users who use it. The multi-slot Class 32 EDGE/GPRS deserves attention. UMTS/HSDPA support makes things even sweeter with data transfer rate soaring to potentially 3.6 Mb/s.

Wi-Fi is the only connection Nokia 6120 classic misses. Pity indeed. Bluetooth 2.0 supports A2DP and AVRCP for using third party wireless stereo headsets. When the phone is connected via a miniUSB cable, Mass storage is available and the content stored on the memory card appears as a separate storage device. The menu also offers a special mode for working with the Nokia PC Suite and Windows Media Player over an MTP protocol.

Standard File Manager

Nokia 6120 classic sports one of the most sophisticated Internet browsers to ever come in a phone. It changes font size and displays pages in landscape mode. In addition, it browses the pages saved in the History folder by displaying previews only. Images and flash animation can be deactivated to bring down the transferred data count. The Internet browser has an RSS-feed reader.

Camera not up to scratch

No, it's not. Its 2-megapixel resolution fails to impress. While 2 megapixel could still pass, the lack of auto focus and lens cover is a shame. In the same time, the LED flash is worth a compliment. It only gets activated when shooting and cannot be used as a flashlight at night. It does work great in shooting close-ups, though.

16082007(001).jpg 16082007(007).jpg 16082007(009).jpg 16082007(010).jpg
16082007(006).jpg 16082007(011).jpg 16082007(012).jpg 16082007(013).jpg
16082007(014).jpg 16082007(017).jpg 16082007(018).jpg 16082007.jpg
16082007(002).jpg 16082007(003).jpg 16082007(008).jpg 16082007(004).jpg
Lighting was not ideal, true. All the same, photos taken with Nokia 6120 are just poor. Other Nokia handsets take much better pictures. The last image was shot in landscape mode

18082007(002).jpg 18082007.jpg
The absence of autofocus is especially obvious in macro shots

The handset is held horizontally when taking pictures. The user interface is quite straightforward. Editing options and effects are not available in the camera application. They can be used in the Gallery, once the picture has been taken. Among them is a panorama mode, combining two shots (the only interesting option, in fact). Twilight and sequence modes are available too.

Screenshot0027.jpg Screenshot0029.jpg 
Screenshot0030.jpg Screenshot0031.jpg
The camera interface is where the difference between "Classic"and N series is most obvious

Screenshot0032.jpg Screenshot0033.jpg Screenshot0034.jpg Screenshot0035.jpg
Pictures can be edited from within the Gallery. Several effects are available: sepia, black & white, negative, rotation, sharpness, red-eye reduction, brightness, contrast, crops, cartoonize, etc.

Nokia 6120 records video in QVGA resolution of 320 x 240 pixels at 15 fps. Zooming (only digital though) can be applied during filming too.

Brilliantly conceived

Nokia 6120 classic is an accomplished phone. Offering great performance at rather moderate price, it will stand up to any competitor. Its conservative but very elegant looks will not appeal to teenage users, but will surely enjoy great demand in other market segments. Taking aside the few disappointments like the camera, Nokia 6120 offers a near complete range of up to date features: a superb display, nearly all existing mobile communication capabilities, and super fast interface. Looking for a new phone and not into putting on shows? Then Nokia 6120 Classic should be on your shortlist. At around 250 euros it's definitely worth it.

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  • johnben

nokia 6120c has very good,but camera and battery problem ,with bl-5b has small capacity with 890mah.

  • rashford ali

my nokia 6120 does not delete some app why?

  • khalid

My Nokia 6120 I dont open the Video if Somebody sent me a Video..please help me.