Nokia 6120 classic

Nokia 6120 classic

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  • arvinoids

to mCix: If you are a music lover, then you'll not say that stereo speakers don't matter. The 6233 is has by far the best stereo speakers on a mobile, and listening to it would make you think twice on having it replaced.
to ygEa: I believe visual radio can be deactivated or configured. Please consider looking up resources first before ranting about an issue. A thread can be found here:­board/message?

  • Yasir


  • Anonymous

Ive used 5 phones in the last 9 months mostly nokia and SE, always something annoying (size,battery life, slow menus etc)
Finally settled on the 6120. Its just perfect!
might upgrade to the e51i though :p

  • harpreet

when you install themes, some of them say that certificate expired... all you have to do is set the date to 2006 and then try. most of the themes work.. also the fexplorer is not working on my cell phone. if there is some user who has fexplorer that works, please paste the link.

  • muhammad

nice phone got it three days ago...only few problems battery lasts too quick and you can't turn off the shutter sound when taking a picture...but otherwise best phone i have so far

  • chris

The gsmarena review says the battery life is impressive. Is it that good? How's it compared to the SE K750/W810 battery life?

  • Anonymous

what is the difference with 6121 classic ? I can not find any when comparing the specs

  • Ali

Hi guyz:
Can any one tell me whether i can install .sis applications in 6120 classic or not ?
Coz i tried to install it in this fone. but it says the application is not supported by ur fone.. As it has SYMBIAN Operating system then it shud install it...
Waiting for your response.
Any1 from PAKISTAN can call me on "0321 4009242" and out siders can call me "+923214009242".

  • dwawen

hey guyz the fone is sooo good its video reslutoin is so high bt the sound isnt that good

  • nadim

guys before u compare cameras, please make sure that the camera resolution is on high ,

  • Dr Ahsan Suleman

@sugar nope this is a lot different in design os quality and quantity eg 6233 is 110g 6120c is 87g 6233 has 256k screen while 6120c has 16m 6120c has a flash none in 6233 even ports are different 6233 has greater camcorder qualities 6120c is down to earth symbian just with everything except wifi

  • Anonymous

you have to buy animated simms off nokia site smileys are in that i bought it for mine the smileys on it are really cool same as on my lab top they are animated

  • Anonymous

hi......i want know...6120 ceasing can i change?like n73..plzzzz tell me.iwant to buy this cool phone...reply me

  • Sno

been using this phone for 5 days now anyone out there can help me on:-
1) how to turn off the camera sound?
2) is there any software to install the smiley?
3) is there any way i can save pix as a screen saver instead of the animated one?

any help would be deeply appreciated thanx

  • Anonymous

guys, don't but this phone not that I work against Nokia. The heating problem is too obvious and this is not the batt area. I am too concerned with safety level for SAR when heat builds up. I send my phone back to Nokia Care Centre and they replace most part and back with the same problem. When further questioning Nokia for the fault and safety concern, they just ask you again to send it in. This has gone on for weeks till I sold my beloved 6120c (due to slim design and S60). Now I have a 6500 slide with good build quality and slight heating but more around the batt area which is command if any phone today would use a high capacity batt. But the speaker and screen area is much better than the 6120 where it heats up just couple of mins into call. Dangerous man. I would rather be safe than sorry not for a few hundred bucks. Just my thought.

  • Thiru

oh man this is such a beauty, with awesome features, and is really cheap, man can't wait to get my hands on this! like n70 but much more better looking, i was gonna get the n70 before i saw this! :)

  • ignition

This is for All 6120c users

Does this mobiles casing change
Do reply


  • Anonymous

Furthermore, nokia success and popularity is based on reliability and attractiveness. RELIABILITY

  • Anonymous

I have not said that 6233 is better, just expressed a personal choice and opinion. Nevertheless, 6120 is a very good phone. I think you did not get the message - it is all about personality and choices

  • malcolm

Ive had the mobile for around one week and find the unit excessively overheating.I purchased it after my N73 which was only twelve weeks old proved unreliable by continually switching off and would more often not connect to the bluetooth. After speaking both with the Nokia repair centre and Nokia's call centre in Kuala Lumpur, neither could provide me a satisfactory answer as to why the 6120 was overheating or whether it impacted on radiation levels . There was a time when I thought Nokia manufactured good reliable products!!!