Nokia 6120 classic

Nokia 6120 classic

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  • J

Bought phone 3 days ago. Overall it is as good as they say it is except for the battery. Lasted only 2 days on GSM. Heating prob not sure whether it is significantly higher than other phones. Liked the voice recorder feature for 1 hour. Wondering :-
1. Can we upgrade the battery?

2. Can we off the camera sound? I think this has been asked a few times.


  • augy

looks like the battery doesnt to tough haaa??
could the extended life time battery such BL-6C fit on this phone?

  • Sno

guyz plz help me out here how to turn off the camera sound? tq

  • Afzal aka eViLrAcEr

the phone is great :D apart from the fingerprint factor ... for which theres a crystal cover easily available for under $7...

good cam...very good infact...
good sound from the speakers as well as frm the headphones

hasnt heated up for me...i talked 5 min and i didnt feel any substantial heat up...

symbian 9.2 s60 3.1fp1 is great

is the fastest symbian doubt...
great with the PC...havent had ANY prblems ... juz install the PC suite from the net...

what else can i say? :D

great value for money :D

the video is good ... doesnt chop :D
everything is juuust right

then again...i switched from 6600 :D:p

  • lea

hi guys
ive been reading all your comments
please tell me how is this phones 3g video calling and photos iam planning to buy one and the warming up is it so bad,is it fast with 3g and how is his download options

  • Anonymous

hows music on 5300 or worse.i have 6233 now i dont think 6120c speaker performence come near to 6233 on music

  • king

this phone is way too cheap.according to functions.........for me its the best buy.can any body tell me hows music on 5300 or worse

  • Anonymous

Ring volume way too quiet.....try before you buy it !

  • mohi

This is my first nokia fone.
I solely bout to use this as a HSDPA modem, it is heating up very quickly in 3g & hsdpa, batt life again short.
But it is working vvvwell EDGE, no heating, long batt life.
There are lot more +ve than -ve
Overall this is good fone at this price.

  • Jay

Hey does the 6120 have a "wallet" or File lock feature to secure sensitive info. The user guide is a mystery to me

  • joginder

Got this fone about 15 days back and this is the best. I have always owned Nokias from day 1 and never complained about them. also speaker is the best. I switched from E50 and big diff in speaker, crystal clear voice. dont have data serv on this so would never know how is GPS and other data services

  • zubair

looks like a very good this price wo bhi symbian, good...... surely a market hit...thts why nokia is the no.1 company it keeps on producing good cell fones,6233,5700,6300, etc

  • Anonymous

I brought this phone in white colour. This phone definately heat up badly(just like my previously owned 8600 Luna). Ring volume is definately way too quiet But the loud speaker is pertty loud.

  • king

how's the loud speaker????????? good fear or bad?????????????? plz reply.

  • Arcx

at Yuya:
Its now released at Philippines i saw one at
SM mobilephone stores.. It cost about 13000php
or 289 US dollar.

  • Martin

I must say that iv have been using
the Nokia 6120 Classic for about 14 dayes
now, and iv have no problems with overheating or others problems with this phone, Iv think that the users who have problems have been unlucky to get a malfunktions phone they shuld get it returned.

normaly i prefere samsung phones but this nokia phone which is my first nokia is very good maby because its a symbian phone.
this nokia phone no problems yet.

  • leo

6120c white will solve the heating problem?

  • luke

is the back metal?
maybe its just your hand heating it up if it is?

  • botros

well , about the over heat ,,

i have the mobile for 55 days now ,, i can confirm that this over heating problem isn,t due to hight SAR or radiation from the phone ,, cause of 2 things :

1- SAR for this phone is 1.18 & for N73 is the same nearly ( check out )

2- the phone gets hot mostly on internet 3G & 3D games like SkyForce & talking a lot & using media player or recording / playing videos ( hight CPU usage )

so if it,s radiation ,, it would get hot only on phone calls .

the main problem is that we didn,t get any logic reply from nokia them selfs about the problem ? & i think it,s in 6120c only .

i would say it,s CPU ,, but it,s the same CPU as N95 & N95 doesn,t get hot ? so it,s really strange ?


  • fddkesiy

I got the chance to hold the actual phone today. Its actually small and light but the only flaw for me is that the keypads is too small and since i use texting a lot, it would be difficult for me to use this model.