Nokia 6124 classic

Nokia 6124 classic

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  • mac2lay

Dantheman, 03 Jun 2008What about standby and talk time ?standby time:230 time:3 hrs.

  • Anonymous

i have this phone. is a grat phone. symbyan rullz

  • rene laylo

i like the design & features of this phone.for sure i will buy one if its already available here in libya.

  • okello dennis

hi looking at the phone just makes me want to have it itrs really a cool phone i love it both in design, features and funtinality

  • ali

to sorin-

how can it be better than n73? look at the camera and stuff! its not fit to lick n73's shoes!

  • mke

i've got it!! from vdf romania. it's a great phone! i luv it

  • Anonymous

zostex, 31 May 2008Does anyone got to own this Nokia?? i really want to know if it'... moreyes,i own this nokia 6124 classic and its a very very nice should buy it.

  • Ciprian

I will buy this phone next week...I think it's a great phone and I want to know some opinion about u...

  • Dan

it is ok

  • eugen

sorin, 02 Jun 2008is it better than n73?Yes, it's better than n73. the phone interface is faster, the processor has a speed of 369 mhz, instead of the n73 220 mhz one and it's a symbian 9.2 phone. i'm gonna buy this little one to replace my 6120 (the phone functions are identical, but i like 6124 design more). the only difference is that 6124 does not support the zip format.

  • Dantheman

What about standby and talk time ?

  • sorin

is it better than n73?

  • Dani Munteanu

zostex, 31 May 2008Does anyone got to own this Nokia?? i really want to know if it'... moreIt's been almost 2 weeks since I've got this beauty and I must confess it's a wonderful phone. It's my 8th Symbian-powered Nokia, after a 6600, a 6630, a 6680, a N70, a N80, a N73, and a N95. I still own the N95, and despite it's quite large display, this doesn't stop me being amazed by the new 6124 classic. It's true that the screen size is not very generous but what it lacks in size, it definitely gains in clarity and readability. It's by far the most impressive screen with sharp graphics displaying capability I've ever seen on a mobile phone. And its internal flash memory is so fast :) And of course its shiny black surface is sooooo sexy :) I simply LOVE this phone!

  • zostex

Does anyone got to own this Nokia?? i really want to know if it's relyable or not!!!

  • portia

i hear its a good one just hope it doesnt give problem.

  • Muhammda Taimoor Ali

Compare it with 6120 classic if there is even a tiny difference put me behind bars ,, same an year old nokia 6120 in new packaging (body).

  • Anonymous

it is available

  • Pepsi

Naww, what a cute little phone.

  • terry p

have allways hade nokia and i love there funksion allways get a signall dont no why people by phones then complan look first then by

  • Anonymous

n it doesn't open the ZIP files by default..