Nokia 6124 classic

Nokia 6124 classic

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  • aster0id

finally, got my hands on this phone, and here are my views about this phone.
1. great audio clarity and loudness.
2. great graphics.
3. screen, not too small
4. does'nt look like as it looks onscreen.
5. cam- gr8888888!!!

I give this phone 10/10

  • kris

Ive had this phone for about 2 months very happy with the browser functions i can get my hotmail messages and view youtube videos kinda wish id gone for something with a bigger screen but other than that the screen gets scratched really easy so get yourself some sort of protection.

  • Clarence

Anonymouse, 25 Jun 2009Guys pls tell me more abt the phone..if it good or not cos am pl... moretis 6124 is worth to purchase if u want a style phone its function nice n almost compatible to N78 very good phone overall

  • Anonymous

Gorby, 05 May 2009Hi, can anyone tell me how to assign a song I have downloaded to... morego to ur song-in gallery-tracks then hit options,then use sound as,then select ringtone,after that ull see a list of profiles wich r all marked,hit ok or w/e it says on the upper left button(pretty sure it says ok)

  • sop

Anonymouse, 25 Jun 2009Guys pls tell me more abt the phone..if it good or not cos am pl... moredude,i own this phone and i'm telling it defenetely worths the money-there's no delay when ur navigating through the menu;
on the other side,it doesnt sounds too loud and the headphones u get when u buy it doesnt plays loud mushic either

  • aster0id

Anonymouse, 25 Jun 2009Guys pls tell me more abt the phone..if it good or not cos am pl... moreit is d best if u want a moderate multimedia phone with a cool cam. display is ok, but if u think 2 inch as small, than, u must go for sony ericsson c510, or samsung steel. i like it becuz itz a smartfone with a doc viewer.hsdpa is cool with c510 and steel., cam is also good, and is a multimedia device if u r selecting c510, which is also a cybershot.

  • aster0id

is this a multimedia centered device? i just want a fone of this kind and have recently heard that it is a multimedia phone. i like this phone, the design, the specs, all of it. the screen size is ample for web browsing. and the feature which i liked most, the document reader, and of course, not to forget, the s60 OS

last but not the least, why isn't gsmarena posting a rewiew and photos of this phone?? this is the phone of the businessman. So gsmarena is advised to post more pics and a full blown rewiew.

  • Anonymouse

Guys pls tell me more abt the phone..if it good or not cos am planing on getting by weekend.

  • slowbooze

I have a problem with it , the back of the phone heats up when i talk more than 5-7 min. Also the screen got scratched very easy , i bought it almost 3 months ago and it looks like my 3 year old 6230i ... i am very pissed off because i read only good reviews about this phone and it's very useful ( good symbian , good sound , net connection etc ) but the fact that it melts in my hand and the screen got f***** up so quick without me even dropping it or smth ...makes me wonder if i should just through it away and get a new one

  • yo

it has 3g !

  • Anonymous

It has 3g and hsdpa. Unlike the n70 which only has 3g. The lack of hsdpa in the n70 was the reason i bought this phone. I also compared it with the 6120. It's not a copy of the 6120. It has a much better battery cover(thicker and feels a lot more robust). On the other hand, the keypad is in my opinion worse. The keys are similar to those of the 6210 navigator and the n96. Some like it, i don't. It also gets very warm when surfing the internet. I don't know how the 6120 fares in this instance... Oh! And i an writing this on the phone itself.:)

  • mihai

how can you say it has no 3g? you are very wrong.

  • Lanka007

Saadi, 15 Jun 2009Its smply a copy of 6120c No it is worse than 6120 it has no 3G

  • Saadi

Its smply a copy of 6120c

  • waqar

NOKIA 6124 has yet lauched in any of the Middle East this set aviliable in pakistn.

  • E.k s

i am looking this set but not available in middle east countries can anybody tell me?

  • Anonymous

is this fone cheaper than nokia 6121 ??

  • kanwar M Hanif

hi im crazy about it if somone sale this pla contact me 03005191170

  • graham

i have just bought this phone but have not yet recieved it is it light and easy to handle

  • Anonymous

does it have stop watch and calculator?