Nokia 6220

Nokia 6220

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  • Anonymous

when will this phone be out in singapore?
i will wish to know ty :d

  • asap

The american version of this mobile doesn't get any camera, that why the price seems to be so attractive.

  • wise guy

just an info. in the usa you can get it for $149 on a two year contract with cingular!!! though they are calling it 6200, and not 6220, but the photos are the same, so it is probably an north american version?

  • Anonymous

This mobile needs bluetooth to be perfect... :(

  • Paul Griffin

You would think that a new phone would have the newer features, like, zoom for the camera and night shot (like the 7250i) and when will Nokia start to re-introduce bluetooth in more phones, like the more used ones (6220, 7250i, etc). Love the phones, just need to stop sitting on those laurels and make it really hard to keep up with you.

  • jihad

Well nokia well done on da fone but it needs more excitement maybe nokia can put a video camera in it and more features

  • jd

Well nokia i think the 220 needs more style and 4 the camera more features the fone doesnt even have a photo book u know haw u can put the picture of the person and put da name under it it doesnt have dat

  • Chu Ha

I like it

  • Jack

It's really amazing, i think i should buy it SOON!!

  • mk

not that nice looking

  • Bambang Irawan

Oooh..i love this one, i think i'm going to buy this one.

  • Admin

It is not available yet, we fixed the status. Only test units so far.

  • Anonymous

GSM ARENA sais: Status Available
Is it available in Europe Really?

  • Anonymous

I hope so too.

  • Anonymous

I just hope that there will be no more mobile called 6220i .....

  • leoashoor

Hi everybody, I think this Phone will be the best in it generation if it hane:
2.Security code for the Menu
3.High resolution(zoom camera)

  • Anonymous

I'm not sure, it could be 400 - 500
But I think 500 - 600

  • Anonymous

oh my god !!
that's vveerrrryyyy exxxxppppeeennnsssiiiivvvveeee x_x

  • Anonymous

500 600 Euro

  • Anonymous

Nobody knows anything about the price yet ?